Sega Delays Alpha Protocol To 2010

Those retailer listings that pointed to a slip for Obsidian Entertainment's "espionage RPG" Alpha Protocol look more accurate today, as Sega has updated the game's ship date to spring of 2010, a full year after its originally planned release.

While Sega still hasn't responded to our multiple requests for confirmation on the delay, the publisher's official web site is typically a good resource for this kind of information. The PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC versions are all listed loosely for "Spring, 2010" but earlier today, some of those dates were for a more solid May 6, 2010.

Alpha Protocol [Sega]


    I noticed in EB yesterday they had a bunch of boxes out advertising it. Back into storage they go, I guess...

    that made me angry delay so close to release after i had paid offf pre order ... grrr oh well at least now i can afford Dragon age

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