SEGA Takes Full Responsibility For PS3 Version Of Bayonetta

Yes, there appears to be a discrepancy in the graphics for the PS3 and Xbox 360 version of Bayonetta. SEGA wants to be very clear, it did the PS3 port.

Platinum Games has pointed this out in the past — even going as far to state its own role in the process.

But SEGA is going the extra mile, just to make sure everyone is on the same page. For example, Bayonetta's PS3 demo has this placard that reads, "Converted by SEGA". If that wasn't even, games PR game mag Famitsu even points out that SEGA ported the PS3 version.

Racking my brains to another example of a company using "Converted by WHOMEVER" in the end credits in a game demo.... Wonder what the big deal is as it's not like the PS3 version's controls are totally wonk. The PS3 version is just fine! Try out the demo on the Japanese PSN and decide for yourself.

プラチナゲームズがPS3版「ベヨネッタ」はセガ移植なのを強調しているようです [はちま起稿]


    Yeah its a bit strange that this is being made a huge deal out of. I guess people are assuming that if someone different is handling porting that means that the game itself will be different. Nope, porting is just an annoying game of hardware issues and minor code changes, something that you can safely peddle off to a company with competent programmers.

    Hang on are SEGA going on about this cause the PS3 version looks better and want credit or something??

    Cause from those screenshots before, i personally found the PS3 looked better.

      The other way around - look at the screen shots a bit closer and you might spot that the textures look a bit subpar on the PS3.

      For example - the first one look at the tiles on the floor and the stairs. More detail on the 360 compared to the 360.

      The 360 version looks heaps better. I'm betting your a Sony employee but if you were my employee I would fire your arse!

        HAHA yep. I'm a Sony employee - how'd you tell?

        Is it cause i have a 360? I mean yes i have a PS3 too, but with what... 3 games?? I think it's cause i mainly play 360 as to why you think i'm a Sony employee.

        I mean yes, i can see the difference and there is some detail thats better in the 360 version, but i prefer the lighting in the PS3 version personally. The 360 looks too dark and as if they've adjusted the contrast in some amateur program like Microsoft Word.

        But like PLMKO said, the game looks crap anyway! I mean the only people fussing over this is probably the million people who buy the game overall cause this ain't gonna be a game that changes the gaming world so MOVE ON NOW!

      Your opinion is the opposite of The Internet, which thinks the PS3 version looks like garbage in comparison.

      Well its all up to your opinion of course, you could spend a year saying a game like Crysis had graphics to die over but cannot begin to convince a Xbot that Halo3 had some crappy graphics.

      But if you want an objective view, Bayonnetta on the Xbox is notably superior and proven.

      But if you want my opinion on which version to get, I'd get neither cause this game looks crap.

        Hahaha, what a legend.

        And your credibility just flew out the window.

        THANK GOD! I'M NOT ALONE! I too think this game looks terrible!

    Platinum Games used to be the 4th development group in Capcom, and famous for anti-sony.They used to develop RE4,however,trans to PS2 is done by 2th development group in Capcom.That explains why.

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