Show Us Your Wii History

I'll show you which nine games (and non-games) have gotten the most play time on my Nintendo console. Mind sharing yours?

While pulling Wii gaming stats this month, I discovered a way to quickly see which games I've played the most on Nintendo's home machine. You can find your records, too, by accessing the downloadable Nintendo Channel and clicking on the "history" icon in the lower right corner.

I had 91 Wii, WiiWare and Wii channels logged in the system. Here are my top nine, followed by the necessary explanation/justification/damage-control.

1) Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn: 48h 47m (21 times) 2) Little King's Story: 42h 12m (12 times) 3) No More Heroes: 38h 26m (6 times) 4) Metroid Prime 3: Corruption 38h 07m (14 times) 5) Super Mario Galaxy: 33h 52m (13 times) 6) Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life As a Darklord: 32h 45m (8 times) 7) Super Paper Mario: 30h 27m (13 times) 8) Nintendo Channel: 29h 04m (29 times) 9) Zack and Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure: 18h 57m (7 times)

I meant to pull my top 10. But I didn't. My Wii is at home, so please settle for my top nine.

The stats were all pulled from the second Wii that I've owned. My launch unit broke, because a coin got stuck in it. So this new one doesn't show that I played through the The Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess, nor does it include the many sessions of Wii Sports I played with friends and family back in late 2006.

The list does show that, when I'm not at a save point in a game, I often leave my Wii on overnight or during the work day. That's why there is at least eight hours of padding in the playing times for Little King's Story, No More Heroes and Final Fantasy. I've played through each of those games once, and none is that long. The Wii also seems to count the time when the system is left idling while I'm, say, eating dinner.

The oddest entry on this list is the Nintendo Channel. I'm on it for a couple of hours each month, pulling stats like these.

The game I've played the most times is Fire Emblem, all for a single playthrough. Overall, however, the software I've accessed the most is the Forecast Channel (67 times, for 1 hour, 47 minutes), followed by the shopping channel (58 times, 7 hours, 17 minutes).

Things I've learned about myself: I'm a frequent shopper. I finish most games in 15 sittings or less.

What's your Wii playing history? Share below.


    I think the game I played the least on my Wii was Ghost Squad, the controls were so terribly awful (especially the piece of crap gun frame they bundled, considering you can't even map "fire" to the trigger!) that I gave up after 20 minutes and took it back.

      wii sports.... then nothing!!! every minute i waste on the wii i could be playing my xbox so unless the girlfriend wants to play tennis it doesn't get turned on. not spending another cent on it

    Dude, no one wants to admit to how long they play with their Wii :)

    My list is in ratio to how long ive actually had the game, not really how many hours ive stacked up. Also note i only have 13 games, 11 games are listed here, (Wii sports and Links Crossbow other 2)

    1) Gundam 0079 (import + freeloader)
    2) Super Smash Bros.
    3) Call of Duty: World at War
    4) Metroid Prime 3 / Trilogy
    5) House of the Dead 2+3 / Overkill
    6) Sonic Unleashed
    7) World of Goo
    8) Ghost Squad
    9) Super Mario Galaxy

    If my Wii had a time calculator, it'll read over 200hrs on the Homebrew channel.

    I would but I don't have the Nintendo channel installed, don't want Nintendo screwing with my chipped Wii.

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