Show Your NFL Pride On Xbox Live

If anyone was crazy enough to spend $US4 on a tiny virtual football jersey it's those whacky NFL Football fans.

The Xbox Avatar Store now contains football jersey's for each of the thirty-two current NFL teams, each coming in both male and female versions, courtesy of Madden NFL 10. From the amazing Philadelphia Eagles to the even more amazing Pittsburgh Steelers, your avatar can show his or her pride for football teams from Pennsylvania for the low price of 320 Microsoft points, or $US4 real-world money. I suppose you could buy jerseys representing other teams as well, but that simply doesn't make any sense at all to me. It's crazy talk.

Buy Your NFL Avatar Jersey Here [Xbox Live Marketplace via Major Nelson]


    Hang on.. they charge for this, but make the European shirts for free?

    Either way - they could have done something like this for us Aussies during AFL Finals. I probably would have shelled out some points for a guernsey.

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