Sign Up To Test Zune, Facebook And Twitter On Your 360

As with previous major updates to Xbox Live, Microsoft is offering you a chance to try out new features like Zune integration, Facebook and Twitter before everyone else gets their grubby paws on them.

It's the triumphant return of the Xbox Live Preview Program, and everybody is invited! Invited to apply that is, but Major Nelson says they are searching for multiple thousands of participants to test out the latest Xbox Live features, and you're just a brief application away from being considered. You can visit the Xbox Live Update Preview page right now to apply, but make sure you've got your Xbox 360 serial number handy, because they're gonna ask for it. I told you to keep it on a card in your wallet, but did you listen?

Xbox LIVE Preview Program: Zune, Facebook and Twitter [Major Nelson]


    they even want to know what brand and model tv youre using?? WTF?!
    ive just had spine surgery so, trying to spin around and get behind a 50" plasma aint all that easy right now. better make it worth my while... thanx for the extra pain! time for some more morphine and valium me thinks.

    Probs something to do with the Samsung and Microsoft relationship that appears to be going on.

    Mines a Sony - hehe- doubt i would be chosen from that there alone.

    Anyway, most new TVs these days have the model of the TV somewhere on the front. I know mines in small writing on the front at the bottom of the frame. A cripple can easily enter this Brad.

    Im guessing its either market research, or so they can see what resolution you'll most likely be using.

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