Snag An Early PC Copy Of Borderlands? Good Luck Playing It

Snag An Early PC Copy Of Borderlands? Good Luck Playing It

You might be able to snag an early copy of the PC version of Borderlands from street-date ignorant vendors, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to play it.

Forum threads are popping up on Gearbox and publisher 2K Games’ forums from indignant fans who purchased the PC version of Borderlands at stores either accidentally or purposefully breaking the street date of October 27th, upset that the game won’t be playable until October 26th, even in single-player mode. One such purchaser, a Twitter user in Germany with the handle Crimvel, posted the following tweet to Gearbox:

I own a legal PC-copy of Borderlands, and we can’t even play the Singleplayer cause of the shitty Securom-protection

A few hours later, Gearbox responded:

The PC version won’t be playable until the 26th – your retailer broke the street date 🙁

As you can tell from the sad emoticon, Gearbox isn’t happy about the situation. Fans aren’t happy about the situation, and 2K Games is more than likely a little ticked at the retailers who caused the situation.

There was bound to be some confusion, really. When you have three versions of a game in your storeroom and one has a different date than the others, there are going to be mix ups. Still, it’s one of the responsibilities of running a video game store or department, and I frankly don’t see the point in blaming 2K or Gearbox for this debacle, as so many of the forum posters seem to be doing.

We’ve contacted both 2K Games and Gearbox for comment on the situation, and are awaiting response from both.

Thanks to everyone who sent in this tip!


  • The frustrating result of this will most likely be that a crack for the retail release is bound to be available before legitimate buyers will have their copy unlocked by securerom, rendering it pointless… I know if I had the box sitting on my desk I’d be wanting to play it NOW, rather than waiting a few days (damn Steam and it’s simple enforcement of release dates!)

  • My bet is there will be a hack/patch online to allow the game to be playable – and there goes all your good intentions 2K!

    Although, yes I get the point retailers have broken the street date, but seriously, why can they NOT atleast play Singleplayer mode?

  • Glad I passed on the PC version and got the 360 one. EB Games broke the street date and I was able to go right home and immediately play it.

    PC gamers are always getting screwed by stuff like this. 🙁

  • Getting my copy off Steam so I don’t get stuck with this problem. It does suck for the people stuc that situation though, PC gamers always get the bad end of the stick.

  • Its not that hard to adhere to release dates. If you work in games retail, it happens so often, you should learn. If you cant tell the differences of versions, and don’t pay attention to when stuff goes on sale (it is kind of your job!), then find omewhere lse to work, I say. Don’t worry too, the retailers that do break the street dates do have consequnces. Back room deals and the like will be affected, big time.

  • Doesn’t seem like a huge problem for customers, the retailers ####ed up and made it look like PC players would get the game a week early, and it turns out they only get it a day early, cry me a river :).
    I do agree that 2K should be upset as this is going to encourage cracking/piracy (not that it ever really needs encouragement) but still, fuel to the fire.

    • Steam checks with Valve Authentication servers before you can play any game you have, and sends the all-clear to the Steam client.

      which is why playing offline games in steam is such a pain in the ass.

      you’d more than likely have to have a hacked version of steam to move the date, but, if you had that working, you wouldn’t need to change the date at all.

  • Can any one clear up my confusion, as this isn’t adding up for me.

    Originally, Borderlands was set for a worldwide simultaneous release date on all three plaforms, of which Windows was one.

    Then, the Windows version was delayed a bit so they can make `optimisations’.

    Now, it’s finished and in stores, yet people can’t play it? I don’t understand. Obviously these optimisations are already completed, so why can’t people play the game? Is there a reason why game publishers like to screw over PC gamers on a regular basis?

  • Hey Randy ‘Needs to be Muzzled’ Pitchford
    You know this is never an issue with with steam.
    I guess Karma strikes again!

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