Some People Were Given Uncharted 2

Last night, Sony held Uncharted 2: Among Thieves events at movie theatres in Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle. Those that went got to play the game on the big screen, meet the devs and got something else entirely.

Besides the standard t-shirt and neato bag, all those lucky enough to attend got a copy of the game — a week before the release! That's way better than a stick in the eye. I hate it when I get a stick in the eye.

Uncharted 2 event - the spoils [Gameritis]



    Sucks to be us, then.

    Me pointy...
    A stick in the teeth however...they call those toothpicks.

    I'm physically itchy with anticipation for this game. DAMN YOU CHICAGO!!

    I enjoyed the first drakes fortune although I thought the jak and daxter ps2 games where even better .... I played uncharted 2 multi beta for about ...... .. .. 1 minute .... :(

    PS3 JAK AND DAXTER .... !!!!!!! (nathan drake boo)

    Argggggh. Sony better be similarly generous Down Under....


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