Sony Bringing PlayStation To Indonesia

Hey Indonesia! Guess what? Sony is bringing its PlayStation business to you.

Sony Computer Entertainment Asia announced that it will begin selling the 120GB PlayStation 3, the PSP and the PSPgo to Indonesia customers. Starting this October, the PS3, PSP and PSPgo will be available for 4,499,000rb, 2,599,000rb and 3,599,000rb respectively (including tax).

Indonesia is the latest country SCE Asia has expanded into. Other SCE Asia subsidiary markets include Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, South Korea and Malaysia.



    4 million Rup?

    4,499,000rb = $537 AUD


    It's a bit sad to admit that most people in Indonesia got into games through pirated copy (myself included)... Most of the population simply do not have the money to buy original games. I'm pretty sure everything but the PS3 has been cracked for burnt copy.

    4.5 mil is a reasonable price for the console (phones cost more than that!), but the games would be the thing that kills. Last I checked PS3 games was around IDR 500,000. That's around 1/5 of the general populace's salary O.o

      I cant guarantee it, but part of the reason the PS3 games might be so expensive now is that they are not officially imported. It sounds similar to the Brazilian market, where the case is similar. Without official support from Sony, game sellers have to use middle-man importers to get games instead of direct distribution, this in turn raises the prices beyond normal levels. There is a good chance that, with official support, game prices will go down.

      I tend to be more optimist with the sales, as I'm constantly appalled at the level of consumerism - hence wealth of Indonesians, especially those who live in Jakarta, Surabaya and Medan... You'd have to spend about AUD $5 for a decent meal in malls nowadays in Jakarta, and it seemed to be no problems for those people...

    Its very easy to buy a PS3 in China - but dont count on getting any newish games!!!

      You can get pirated copies of all the new games on almost any street corner in china.

      Getting legit copies of anything is the difficult part, new or old.

    lol, good old indo days, cheap ass ps2 games from the local shops round the corner =D

    Hebat sekali...

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