PS3 Now Outselling Wii, 360 In Australia; PSP Also Up

PS3 Now Outselling Wii, 360 In Australia; PSP Also Up

While the PSPgo may have flopped, Sony is celebrating console sales success, informing us that since the Slim launched the PS3 has been the best-selling console in Australia.

The PS3 Slim hit retail in Australia on September 3, bringing with it a price drop to $499 for the console. In late September Sony told us they’d hit 40,000 units sold in Australia. They’ve now sold “in excess of 60,000 units” and in the process outsold the Wii and Xbox 360 over that period.

A spokesperson for Sony Computer Entertainment Australia told us:

“Since the launch of PS3 120GB, total sales for the period since introduction have outperformed our competition. As you know, while sales figures can vary week to week depending on offers in the market, this is the first consistent trend line we have seen for a significant period of time in Australia.”

In terms of sales overall since launch, the PS3 remains in third place. But if this trend continues, it won’t be long before it’s biting at the heels of the Xbox 360.

Sony also told us that despite the sluggish launch for the PSPgo that saw it shift barely 1000 units in its first week, they’re happy with how the system is performing.

“Since the launch of PSPgo, we have seen uplift in the entire PSP platform; this also includes PSP-3000 sales, and PSP software sales. Strong IPs lined up for the PSP Platform have assisted this.

“We’ ve taken a realistic and total platform approach to the launch; with PSP-3000 and the introduction of PSPgo offering more choice to the consumer side by side. PSPgo launch week resulted in a solid first week volume uplift of 100% for the PSP platform as a whole in Australia.

“The platform is also growing on the software side, with exclusive titles like Gran Turismo and strong first and third party IPs in the PSP pipeline. More applications such as the Digital Reader will launch with a Digital Comics later this year and a Video Download Service in the pipeline for 2010 in Australia.”

So, great news on the PS3 front. And maybe not so bad news on the PSP front. Although one can’t help but wonder how poorly the handheld was performing if those meagre PSPgo sales (plus whatever PSP-3000 and additional software sales) accounted for a 100% increase for the platform.


  • “PSPgo launch week resulted in a solid first week volume uplift of 100% for the PSP platform as a whole in Australia”

    That’s a corner office for your awesome spin, Sony PR dude!

  • Well that would be a given in my opinion as:

    A) it’s now affordable
    B) most people already had the one or both (like me) of the other consoles, and when you add point ‘A’ you get more ps3’s sold than other consoles..

    Once again i think this may be another of those “the sky is blue” reports that seem to circulate through the media ever so often

  • loads of my friends are wanting a ps3 slim now. luckily they dont know they cant play kingdom hearts or their awsome old ps2 games on it.


  • I know that Sony are doing the promotion again of by a bravia, get a free PS3. And they are limiting the qty to 20,000 units. Is this counted in that figure?

    Not that it is relative, Wii and Xbox have done the same thing recently with flat screen TVs.

      • But arnt games that are bundled with a console counted as “sales” for that game? So what would be the difference of counting console sales when bundled with hardware? (there are a lot of mobile phone deals normally with a “free” console)

      • Sony still like to count it themselves though.

        The 360 is going to get over taken eventually there is no stopping that. Nintendo better bundle up pretty quick smart.

  • Kudos to Sony for putting out a more attractive version of the console at – FINALLY – an attractive price, but I have to wonder: with the new price, how many of these are being sold to people as blu-ray players, not gaming consoles? I can imagine many of these are being sold to people who went in to a store and asked the salesman for a blu-ray player.

    I’m not judging whether this is a good or bad or jelly-flavoured thing, just something that I think may be a large factor in these sales. And if I’m right, then again: kudos to Sony for setting a price that makes that sales pitch work. It took you long enough to do it.

  • Hmmmm. I would say Sony is doing a bang up job. If they keep the great games coming at top notch quality like they are, the sales should stay pretty high.

  • Who are the morons that are saying EVREYONE else already owns a 360/Wii??? Clearly those idiots don’t follow the games industry very closely at all, here are the facts:

    The PS2 has sold well over 140 million units and is still going strong. In order for “EVERYONE” to have a 360/Wii those two consoles have to have sold AT LEAST 140 million each.

    The Wii has sold a little over 55 million and the 360 is barely at the 30 million mark. So if EVERYONE who wants a 360 now has one that really says something about how crap that console is, doesn’t it? If only 30 million people want one out of a potential 140 million – LMAO!

    You guys need to pay more attention before bringing up sales figures. Also, it’s not just Australia, the PS3 has soundly beaten the 360/Wii in Japan, America AND Europe as well since the slim’s release.

    • Hear hear. Ps2 is 9 years old- I bought mine for around $400 in 2002(ish)- nearly half launch price, and it is now under $160. People do still buy it. But it is often a budgetbased decision, or an replacement for current Ps2.

      Xmas 2009 may well be the turning point for Ps3. Here’s hoping.

      It riles me that people still complain about price. In real terms games consoles and software are cheaper than ever. Im sure anyone who remembers music before My Chemical Romance remembers paying $100 for SNES and N64 games, never mind Ps1 and Ps2. The only difference is that we used to save pocket money and birthday money for month to buy the sparse selection of decent games. This year’s Q4 is so insanely packed with AAA titles, very few can realistically buy everything at launch, never mind find time to play thru. Q1 2010 is just as overpopulated.

  • bout time it picked up. i bought a second unit last month too, just to help out 😉 i do however think its time they dropped the ps2. IMO that thing is holding back some sales. drop the console this year and phase out games over the next 9-12 months. i think this should have happened a year or 2 ago. but hey obviously want to show potential ps3 owners that sony has extreme lasting power and is dedicated to supporting the platform long into the future. i also agree with James, the go was priced to sell the ps3. i doubt they ever expected it to sell well at that price point. as a dlc only device it should have been priced lower than the 3000’s as it has lost functionality. also got to wonder how many of those 360 sales were to people who were banned or got the rrod before the 3yr warranty came into effect, or even those who are unaware of the new warranty. my 360 and wii are my most regretful purchases of the last few years. the wii not as much because it provided me with a lot of entertainment before i bought my ps3. i ended up selling my wii a few months after i bought the ps3. but for some unknown reason i bought another one and have barely touched the thing.

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