Sony: PSP/PSPgo Sales Triple At Some Retailers

The PSPgo launch was not without controversy, but it seems to have reinvigorated the Playstation Portable market.

Last week I checked in with Sony Computer Entertainment of America to ask how the PSPgo was impacting hardware sales and what sort of impact they were seeing on the Playstation Network.

It's had a very positive impact, Patrick Seybold, Sr. Director, Corporate Communications and Social Media for SCEA, told Kotaku today.

The launch of the download-only device has "generated strong consumer interest in the overall PSP platform and the PlayStation Network's digital content offering," he said.

In the three days following the launch of the PSPgo Seybold says that their "top retail partners" saw a 300% lift in PSP hardware sales compared to the same period the prior week. Seybold says that the launch also generated a "significant increase in revenue for PlayStation Network, driven by a 200 percent lift in PSP game downloads purchased from PlayStation Store".

And the platform owner says that they think that's just the beginning.

"With several blockbuster games launching digitally and on UMD in the coming weeks — from LittleBigPlanet to Assassin's Creed Bloodlines," Seybold said, "we expect this momentum to continue and look forward to a strong holiday season for both the PSPgo and PSP-3000."

Seybold's comments echo what officials in the UK have said, pointing to a jump in sales the week of release. Sony declined to give any specific sales numbers for this story.


    ”200 percent lift in PSP game downloads purchased from PlayStation Store” - I mean really... what did they expect, when selling a system which can *only* run games that are purchased from the Playstation Store??

    "Hey guys, check it out!! The sky is blue!!"

      Hmmm i think the point of the article is that there saying "look people are embracing the digital content and were making money hah-hah" Not about how obvious the results are.

    I love how they use such vague terminology. It can just as easily mean-

    "strong consumer interest" = googling "PSP" and seeing how many results (inc. PSPgo hate articles)

    "a 300% lift in PSP hardware sales" = 3 more sales over 1/week usual

    "driven by a 200 percent lift in PSP game downloads" = 2 more sales over 1/week usual

      Yes I love those stats too!!

      We sold 20 PSP last week but 60 this week! We had a 300% increase in sales...!


      Thats what i was thinking... They had such MASSIVE increases due to the fact the games are brought ONLINE only...

      Working in retail i see very little being sold from the PSP range and i dont think the PSP go will be any diffrent...


    1 X 3 = 3? That's how the 300% works out, they sold 3 PSP's, lol.

      Thats only under the assumption they sold 1 unit the week before!

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