Sony's Magic Wand Shouldn't Look Like A Sex Toy

A tipster pointed out some fan-made concepts of Sony's Magic Wand motion controller. Nothing to write home about — but it looks so much like a sex toy, I had to share the lol.

Just to be clear: this is not an official concept of the Magic Wand. We even checked with Sony to be sure. But here's hoping whatever they come up with doesn't look too much like a prop in a porn movie.

Sleek PS3 Wand Controller Concept Incorporates Motion Sensing Technology [PS3 Maven]

Thanks Roland!


    where do you put it in?

    I guess it might help steal some of that female market share from the Wii - I assume the wand still has rumble, right? ;)

    if it were a sex toy it could add new meaining to waggle games...

    Whoa kinky... but seriously this doesn't look like a sex toy. ill just be happy if it didn't have a ping-pong ball glued to the top.

    Old joke- surely these were all done after E3? "Digital dexterity" "Female market share" "wireless sensitivity" "PingPong ball trick" etc etc

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