Star Ocean 4 Comes To PS3 In February

star ocean ps3 picWe'd heard Star Ocean 4 would be making the journey from Xbox 360 to PS3 for release in Japan. Now Ubisoft confirms it's coming to Australia as well.

And, not only that, but we're getting it in February, too, the same time it launches in Japan.

Also of note is that you'll be able to choose between English and Japanese voice acting, a feature that is exclusive to the PS3 version.


    Wow, never thought I'd see a Square Enix title launch in Australia in the same month as it does in Japan. I'm looking forward to it :)

    Happy happy joy joy happy happy joy joy!

    I imported it for X360, but the absolutely horrible dub and creepy dead-eyed character models turned me off it pretty quickly.

    Will probably re-buy on PS3 since it fixes the chief problem I had with it.

    Hope they undo the nonsensical decision to remove all the 2D character art and redesign all the menus for the english-language 360 release while they're at it.

      You'd be happy to know that Start Ocean 4 international edition (PS3 version)has been announced to have dual-audio and redesigned menus.

    I'm going to complete my current gen console collection by buying PS3 console. The temptations are high enough already ^_^

    I have the 360 version but I haven't had a chance to play it yet. The PS3 version sounds like the one to have, so I'm thinking a trade will be in order.

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