Star Wars: The Old Republic's War-Torn Balmorra

BioWare updates the Star Wars: The Old Republic Holonet with an entry on the planet Balmorra, the hotly-contested galaxy leader in weapons and droid manufacture.

The fiercely independent planet of Balmorra hasn't had much time to exercise that fierce independence over the course of Star Wars history. It's what they get for being the top manufacturers of weapons and droids, two of the primary military resources in the galaxy. During the time of The Old Republic, the planet is struggling under the oppression of a full Imperial occupation force, reluctantly accepting support from Republic forces who had abandoned them years earlier. It looks like BioWare is setting Balmorra as the stage for one of the most important conflicts in the game. You'd think they'd hang some Christmas lights or something.

BALMORRA: ON THE EDGE OF ALL-OUT WAR [Star Wars: The Old Republic]


    Wait, wasn't Balmora a town in Morrowind? Rolf, who's copying who?

    Yeah it was just a few clicks up from where you are first dropped off on boat.

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