Stardock Boss Hauls Off On Games For Windows Live

A recent full-throated defence of Glenn Beck hasn't left Stardock CEO Brad Wardell with a shortage of vehemence. He lashed out at Games for Windows Live, its certification process and the payments it requires to keep games patched and running.

In an interview with Shacknews, Wardell was asked if he knew why Microsoft wasn't "showing more leadership" on the PC. Wardell - well, just let the man speak for himself. He's quite comfortable with doing so, after all.

I started out as a big Games for Windows Live advocate. I intended for Elemental to be on Games for Windows Live, but then as we got closer, the Xbox group took it over more and more. And they have things where, oh, if you want to use Games for Windows Live to update your game, you have to go through [their]certification. And if you do it more than X number of times, you have to pay money. It's like, "My friends, you can't do that on the PC."

On the console, I don't have to update my game because an anti-virus program got an update and is now identifying my VB scripts as viruses and I have to apply an emergency patch. That would just add insult to injury. We've had to upgrade our games plenty of times over the years, not because we found some bug, but because some third-party program, or driver, or whatever screwed it up. If Games for Windows Live maintains that strategy and they take over, I'm done. I'm not making PC games. I would be done.

Is he impertinent? Impolite? Merely exaggerating? Maybe, but the man does have a point.

Stardock Interview Part 2: Brad Wardell on PC Gaming [ShackNews via Maximum PC]


    I hate the patching over GFWL, I cancel it as soon as I see it happening and manually do it. It gives you no indication of how how big the patch is, how long it'll take... a total joke. It's fine on Xbox Live because the patches are tiny, but come on, no indication for patches that are 10mb+?

    I guess Microsoft ran out of ways to nickel and dime the consumer?

      They tried, and failed. PC players have the taste of freedom, MS charged money for GFWL and nobody used it. So it seems they'll try and get what they can from the developers instead.

    I love XBL to bits but GFWL and anyone that advocates it can go to hell.

    I've been kicked out of games mid-match WAY too many times in DOWII to like this garbage.

    Wardell may or may not be right about GfWL, but the only other thing I know about the guy is that he, for what ever reason, supports Glenn Beck. Beck is, frankly, insane, so I don't know how much merit Wardell's opinion on other matters should be awarded.

    LOL @ ppl who love XBL, XBL = Subscription fee = Money...

    PC = FREE

    GFWL = GO GET FKD!!!!

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