Street Date Smash: Drake Delivers

uncharted 2 early deliveryWell, not quite. We've yet to hear of a retailer putting Uncharted 2: Among Thieves on sale before tomorrow's street date. But we have heard of one retailer delivering it early.

Kotaku reader David sent in this pic of his copy of Uncharted 2, complete with branded satchel. He'd preordered it from GAME over the weekend and it arrived this morning.

Anyone else managed to get their hands on it early?


    oh please someone break street date, im dying here.

    Why can't JB Hi-Fi Online just send me copy now :( I bet it won't make it to WA in time... nooooo

    @ - their website suggests it's out also... they might mean online only, but by the day is out, it might be out completely...

      The website has been changed now... back to Pre-Order, Out 15/10...

      The damage might be done though...

    Darn. I was hoping for an early release.

    wouldnt be suprised if gametraders in perth already have it on shelf lol

    I rang a few stores. They won't budge.

    JB HiFi in Sydney is already selling it and Brutal Legend..

    I'm pretty sure (99%) that I just saw it for sale in JB at Galleries Victoria..

    Will go check in an hour..

      I rang the store and they said, "Nope"...

        Yeah, my bad. Sorry.

        They def had Brutal Legend @ $89
        EB next door had Uncharted 2 @ $109, "Coming Soon".

    @ Drax, yeah I saw it in The Strand Arcade JB

      You sure RJ? I just rang The Strand JB and they claim they don't even have stock yet...

    Oh come off it guys. You can wait one more day. It's not like you're going to die before you get it.

    Calling all JbHiFi's, not happening. Even the ones mentioned in this thread (though who would admit it over the phone) will try my local at 5pm, see what happens, I'm pretty sure they don't want to face the fine.

    Please wait until tomorrow. I'm already being called JB groupie by the too cute rawk chicks with Kirby tattoos behind the counter. If I rock up today, after picking up Brutal Legend yesterday and then AGAIN for Metroid tomorrow how will I look?

      Like a Rad-Dude....

      Imagine if you walked in sporting a Kirby(Hahaha) tattoo as well?

    Its all about the hunt though isn't it...

    gametraders in perth have had it on shelf since tues,
    its the american copy :)

      Too bad the Morley store didn't...

    i hope game lets me pick up my pre order of borderlands early!!

    Who cares, I think I'd rather wait till the official street date so I can get the special steel book case from JB Hi-fi.

    Got mine from GAME online yesterday... Was up until 1:15 this morning playing it... EPIC GAME!!!!

    It isn't Halo or COD so it doesn't really matter.

    It's just like any other street date smash for regular games.

    i got it from eb games in claremont WA this morning, and it is pretty darn good

    I carry uncharted 2 around in the front of my pants, its a big hit when the ladies ask about the drake in my pants

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