Street Date Smash: Rocktober Has Begun

Brütal Legend is out. Although not scheduled for release until Thursday, we've heard that EB has put Tim Schafer's heavy metal fantasy on sale this morning.

If you've seen Brütal Legend on sale today, let us know in the comments below.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]


    The only downer is that they are charging an extra $20 for it early. I might just wait until other outlets have it for $89.

    But those too impatient to wait - confirmed that EB Games in Melbourne Central (in Melb - duh!) have stock and are selling it.

      On jb's website they say its out now, and its going for 89

    Yeah I'm waiting till JB are selling for 89, not paying 110 for it.

    i asked at the Elizabeth street EB in Melbourne, the guy asked me what day it was. then told me it came out thursday.

    EB Toowong (QLD) has it for $109.95.

    The K-Mart in the same shopping centre don't have it as yet (or aren't willing to admit it, considering they were one of the stores who got slapped hard for selling Fable 2 early).

    Please, God of Rock, let it be out today in Perth.

      Sorry for the double post, but a quick check of the EB Games Australia website claims that Brutal Legend is 'Out Now!'

      Just rang EB Games in Maddington - they have stock, without street date.

    Got mine this morning for $89 at EB Karingal, Frankston.
    They priced matched JB and didnt even want to see proof.

    It's out because it isn't street dated. Plus they are better off having it out 2 days early rather than compete with Uncharted 2, Wii fit Plus and Mario and Sonic at the olympic games

    Just tell EB to pricematch. If they kick up a stink shake your head at them and walk out.

    I got a copy just then from EB, price matched JB for $89. =)

    Why couldn't my copy of Uncharted 2 come early instead :(

    Called both the JBs in Melbourne and they didn't have it in stock yet. They said that there was an embargo (there isn't, but hey) although they would sell it if another shop had broken street date.

    So - if you're in Melbourne, JB will have it on sale as soon as they get it in stock. Don't know if you need to pre-order to get the Brutal Legend t-shirt, but no reason not to - I'd go a Tim Schafer branded T over an in-game guitar any day.

    Ive got a budget that allows me to buy 3 new release games this holidays..
    I just dont know if Brutal Legend should be one of those three.
    I want...
    Brutal Legend
    Forza 3
    Assassins Creed 2
    Opinions of which ones?

      Ah, flaps! Pre-ordered and left my blasted receipt at home!...

      Get Modern Warfare 2 to tide you over and then wait for the rest to drop in price. Its gonna happen. You know it.

        This man speaketh the truth!

        Although, if you have something burning a hole in your pocket, pick up BL to play till MW2 comes out, then swap it out and wait for the rest (while you spend infinite hours trying to get to the highest Prestige -_-)

    Does not appear that perth has any stock yet.

    JB HIFI or Joondalup EB games both did not have stick. As far as EB games where aware it was still 15th release.

    JBHIFI said they hoped to have it in tomorrow and would sell it right away.

    Its out in Sydney at both Jb's in the city

    I have it sitting right here on my desk waiting for 5pm when I can go home and rock out!

    Perth has stock - EB Booragoon called me 30 minutes ago.

    Well I just caved and pre-ordered at JB Elizabeth St.

    They will sell as soon as they have the stock in. So I am hoping for a call this arvo and I might skip class tonight just to go home and play...

    JB in Rundle Mall (Adelaide) have it out, picked up a 360 copy an hour ago.

    Sydney GAME Stores have it in stock!

    In stock in JBhifi in Eastland (Ringwood)

      Thanks for the tip; just shot over to Eastland and grabbed myself a copy ;)

    unfortunately as it's out early, the JB don't seem to be honouring the pre-order deal anymore :( Was going in tonight to pre-order it, but they told me that they have no more t-shirts in stock.

      @ Aaron - grab a copy of their brochure & show it to them. From memory, it doesn't mention needing to preorder to get the Tshirt.

    EB Games (Myer Center) Queens St Brisbane has it in stock.

    Any QLD/NSW Border or Brisbane JBhifi stock yet?

      gold coast Robina has it in stock

    eb games in the claremont quarter has it(WA)

      ^ This. just got a copy, thanks for letting me know Kotaku!

    Damn, I just started Fable 2... don't know if I can hold out a few weeks before I buy this...!

    Just got mine from EB TTP (Modbury, SA)
    didn't even have to mention price matching... dude just flat out said:
    "... and we're matching at 89".

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