Take On The National Guard At Modern Warfare 2 Premiere

From the Best Buy that brought you a zombie-infested red carpet roll-out for Resident Evil 5 comes a chance to take on the Pennsylvania National Guard in Laser Tag for the Modern Warfare 2 premiere.

The Best Buy near Scranton, Pennsylvania (yes, that Scranton) will be hosting the Scranton Warfare Premier, Best Buy's David Partenio tells Kotaku.

The event will pit customers against the National Guard in a Laser Tag challenge outside the store hosted by Big Entertainment Events. Meanwhile, there will be a LAN party for the game going on inside the store.

The store will also be testing a "GameStop pre-order price match" deal, Partenio says. Any customers who brings in a receipt showing that they placed a $US5 pre-order with GameStop, Wal-Mart or Toys R Us gets $US5 off the price of the game at the Best Buy.

This is the second red carpet premiere event Best Buy has done for a video game's midnight launch. The first was for Resident Evil 5 and featured a haunted house, zombies and the National Guard pushing back a wave of zombie insurgents.

Stay tuned for more details about the Modern Warfare launch event in PA.



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