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    Does anyone feel annoyed that the demo for brutal legend was delayed for everywhere else but the US?

      Yes, it sucks being screwed over. Isn't it a store exclusive download as well?

      Although being a PC person I'm used to demos being fileplanet/Gamespot subscriber exclusives, but it doesn't excuse the behaviour.

    I'd just like to take the time to say I've really warmed to our little corner of the Kotaku universe. At first I was a little wary, but now it's all I need. Good job David!

    Infinity Ward hinted that they may be working on something new after MW2. What would you like to see them develop next? I'd like to see a full on story driven hunting game - a kind of cross between far cry and just about all the hemmingway novels that involved hunting. And you just know your mates would end up hunting you ... but maybe that's just me :)

      I'm guessing an RPG title to compete with the Fallout series. It would be hella sweet if it combine realworld elements with some elements of MW2 along with some MW2 easter eggs.
      MMORPG would spell death for IW
      But with IW's game engine's engine, a game in First Person view would seem like a logical bet.

        Compete with fallout :O thats not possible FALLOUT 3 FTW!!! (love adding a little fanboyism)

    Hmm I'd like the removal of moderation within this section. It delays the time that messages are posted, disrupting the flow of what could be a hectic debate. Otherwise there'd be no reason to use Kotaku over something like a forum to talk amongst ourselves.

      We need it, in the event some stupid company posts stupid ads just to kill the Kotaku community. I would honest not like ads discussing about little blue pills be plastered anywhere and everywhere along with possible 18+ ads that talks about inappropiate things.

      The cleaner, the better. IMHO... unless... you are one of them *glares at Chu*

        Muahahaha yes, it's my evil plot to flood comments with advertising!

        But seriously, why not just have people enter a code to stop spammers? And a ban system can always be in place for posts that are just plain stupid.

    Although I don't post often I have to agree with Andrew, It's become a morning ritual of mine to check for AU updates.

    And the removal of moderation for 'Talk amongst yourselves' would liven the conversation greatly. It makes discussions much more difficult.

    Buy my xbox 360 Pro 20gb
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      Didn't know we could sell stuff here....

      Anyhoo, One sister for sale, 34, slightly used.. Ok, she's way overused but don't tell her I said that. Can cook and clean but chooses not too, unfortunately she appears slightly faulty as she is incapable of shutting up. $500 ONO

      Really KotakuAU, you're going to let this turn into a selling space!?

    I had the need to play metal gear solid the other day. I went to my PS3 -> PSN -> No MGS.

    Why?! :(

    I just want to complain that black writing with dark blue background homepage is really hard to read.

    Tried to get a clear answer on these questions for a while, no love on the oficial 360 forums either. Here goes:

    My situation is this - I'm an Aussie gamer with an Australia-based xbox live account. Recently I've found out about some of the many features only available to live users in the states, such as Major's Minute, certain DLC and even some full games. I spoke to a friend who said he'd set up a US-based gamertag/account on his 360, and was using US Microsoft points to buy content from the US marketplace.

    - Firstly, is this legal?
    - Second, if I were to do this could I use my aussie gamertag to play a game purchased with a US gamertag if they're both on the same console?
    - Third, if I wanted to purchase US content using my credit card or US ms points, I need to supply a US billing address. I sorta don't have one of those...

    If someone could answer these or point me in a happy direction, mucho appreciato would occur.

      While it's certainly possible to do what you describe, it's against the terms of service and you'll be banned from Live or lose all that content if you're caught.

        Thanks for that Mr W, I don't plan on going ahead with it if it's against the terms of service. The biggest motivation for me to consider it was the fact that I really want to play Guilty Gear X2 Reload on my 360! It's available as an xbox original in the US marketplace, but not here. Also, it's listed as a backwards-compatible title, but even after downloading the software update to play the original xbox disc in my 360, it still doesn't work.

        Bah, I'll go back to the corner and curl into the fetal position, where I'll wait the endless wait ... for BlazBlue.

      All content is Geo-Fenced on the service, so it will check where your IP is before allowing you to purchase content (even with a US account & US points).

        While that's true for purchases, all free content can be downloaded with a US account. Including video clips and Xbox Indie Game trials.

        What if you bought live points on ebay and put the number in? Is it still checked by your ip?

        Ignore last post, I just noticed that you said in brackets, even with US points.

    Hey, i was just wondering what everyones opinion on Operation Flashpoint 2? personally i think it looks awesome and am gonna buy it on release day. Also does anyone know the Australia release date, because i have heard the 6th the 7th the 8th and EB games's website says the 15th :S

      Am i the only person in the world excited by this game?

        Pretty much, yes

        No, i'm sure there are a couple of other people out there.. somewhere... =P

        couple? or few? :P

        lol :( aw well. Looks like i am going to be the best person online at operation flashpoint. most likely because i will be the only person online

    I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of FM3. I was just wondering what happened to all that "loyal customer" stuff that was touted as possible a few years ago. I think Dead or Alive did something...

    I've gotten to level 50 on FM2. I'd like a little pat on the back from MS, like a new FM3 car or something.

    Why don't they offer these things?

      They actually did a car giveaway on :P

      If you commented on the certain Blog Post, you got a Tuned Forza 3 Audi RS4 (Pretty sure it was an RS4)credited to your account.

      You might be able to find one in the Auction House, but yeah. Only saw it since I have 3 Gaming Blogs on RSS in my browser ;p

      You just gotta keep your eye out for this kinda stuff, like the Free ODST, Perfect Dark and Fallout 3 Premium Themes...especially the Fallout one, which you got for free if you had all 5 DLC packs. Was a nice gesture from Bethesda

    Does anyone know of any good Australian Xbox Communities?

    I want to play more ODST Firefight, but my friends list contains only people I know in real life, and a lot of them don't have/play ODST.

      Check out there's some good people on there willing to play most games.

      try asking the Xbox 360 community then maybe? and ask the people in the forum if they are interested?

      try either one of those two

      Why don't you guys exchange gamertags right here?

        That would be far too obvious Dave :D By the way, I don't suppose you give out your PSN or Xbox account names??? Would love to have a game against you one day...? (Qumulys on PSN btw)

        Good Point.

        My Gamertag is "Mr Explody". Generally playing some weekday evenings and most weekends.

        Fair call - and I reckon we can hijack this thread with PSN gamertags instead! :D

        PSN: Gobbo_

        Down with PSN whatsits!

        XBL: Sheiqck

        Wouldn't mind getting those 200,000 firefight acheivements in ODST if anyone is interested!

      That's logical and makes far too much sense David :D

      I really must go get ODST or some other live-enabled games to play, now that I've been given a 360 on indefinite 'loan'.

    RROD for me

    Dunno if this has been covered anywhere else, can't seem to find any info anywhere. Where the hell is Muramasa? I was led to believe it would be out in Australia by now but it seems it's only in the US. EB didn't even know what I was talking about when I asked them for a release date. Sigh, gotta hate it when we aussies get screwed over.

    I'm NOT ashamed that I enjoyed Hey Hey It's Saturday last night...

    Needs to come back, early next year! :)

      I also enjoyed it. Daryl Somers is perfect for the show, if nowhere else.

      I really hope they smashed Celeb Master Chef in the ratings. Master Chef as a series was ok to watch, but to slap "Celebrities" into it and excrete it onto my TV screen is just not right.

        Yeah, flicked over to that during the ad breaks... the format that chose for Celebrity Masterchef doesn't work as well...


        The tribute to Maurie Fields was nicely done, I forget how well he told jokes, even if it wasn't a joke, he could spin a yarn and we'd be hanging on his every word...

        Tank-aty Tank Tank! :D

      agreed, and it wasn't even nostalgia, the entire team were genuinely on the ball and entertaining.

      the show was admittedly rather sloppy in places but considering they hadn't done this in 10 years i think it can be forgiven.

      highlights were:
      - Red faces
      - pluck-a-duck
      - disaster chef

        Disaster Chef had me in fits of laughter. The Vegemite kid...

      I kept flicking between NCIS and Hey Hey...

      I don't know what's with plucka, but it just doesn't seem like the same plucka from ages back when chaos was his middle name...

      But at least Red Faces got it right

      Can't they just keep it Saturday? I don't want to refer to it as Hey hey, it's Wednesday... there's just no right to it...

      Even though Dicky was cruel to the lil puppy, but it was funny when Molly caught the puppy before it fell off the table... RSPCA might have something to say about it... but I really hope not

    I just picked up Race Drive: GRiD and was wondering... There seems to be only one DLC for it on Xbox Marketplace... Didn't I read that they intended three DLC's?

    So... where did the other two go?

    Just letting everyone know, Joyce Mayne have PS3's for $438!!! Picked up one as my 60gb went boom...

    I've got one thing to say... every single person raved how good Fallout 3 was and as a RPG but not traditional RPG fan I was appealed. It was first person though with guns... and the theme of post apocalypse wasn't the coolest... but everyone kept going on and on, so I purchased the game, beat it in 20 hours, disliked it.

    So I have learnt to trust reviews less, personally im just not a fan of post apocolypse and fps which destroyed it for me. Also V.A.T.S is ridiculous as without using it feels so crappy like it feels 2D. Try shooting a mutant with a shotgun over and over in real time, it feels 2D.
    I spammed V.A.T.S and I don't think I killed many people without it, so you could say I didn't kill anyone with aiming etc!

    I had it on PC and it was still very glitchy, the character designs were terrible, too realistic with the sags on ppls faces and my own character just looked like a dweeb. Mirelurks were kinda cool but in general humans were retarded, other mutants were something outta silent hill wtf?

    The gun's looked horrible, and were not enjoyable because they are all old school and realistic and never f-ing hit your opponent except for in V.A.T.S

    The story line was ridiculous, running after my father, trying to save him etc, honestly you cannot tell me this is a good story line. It feels like something outta a hollywood movie not an RPG. Being good / bad is a cool feature but there just isn't that much to it...

    The world is huge... huge of rocks and trees. It's the same thing looking left and right. It feels all the same and is not fun to travel. If they implemented like a motorbike (old school) maybe it would have been more fun, but walking around in a world where it looks like... well... a hole (I know this is the theme but still) is lame.

    The length was average (20hrs I did the big sidequests aswell) but obviously you can do a lot more side quests and wander around but I just don't want to wander... a barren place.

    Oblivion was awesome, fantasy theme made you want to explore etc etc

    Bethesda is going down hill, hell, look at WET.

    I would rate fallout 3 from my perspective (not loving fps or post apoc) 5/10

    Annoyed I spent $100 on it.

      Bah! Oblivion was just Fallout 3 with swords.


        Maybe fallout 3 was oblivion with guns?

        Oblivion is fallout without a terrible story line, guns, a terrible world and worse quests.

    Speaking of Fallout 3...

    Where is my "free fallout 3 premium 36 0theme for dlc fans"?

    Huh? Where is it?

      I just got my download code for it this morning.


        There it is! (Wasn't there this morning, but there it is now)

        Thanks David :)

    is it just me or did eb games release operation flashpoint on the 14th i looked on the website and it said its out now even though its being released on the 15th ??? please tell me before i go out on to get it on the wrong day

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