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    Go the Storm!

    It's the monday of a long weekend and I'm still here? Bah.

    Decisions decisions - whether to play PS3, head to parklife, or sleep all day?? Hmm...

    Ok guys a few questions!

    1. Has anyone actually picked up a PSP go

    2. I've been thinking (yes it hurt - smartass) about how sick i am of sissy vampires and even more so with the talk of a twilight MMO (where i suspect you slay beasts by telling them about your emotions or suffocate them with hairspray).
    What i want to see if the return of Vampire the Masquerade! I freakin loved that game and it sits among some of my favorite western RPG's. Who else would like to see such a thing?

    3. Zombies - I freakin love zombies. But i'm sick of having games that are inaccurate to most other sources. I want to see a game with old fashioned, slow moving mass zombies (yeh i know, dead rising), but i also want only to be able to kill the zombies by 'removing the head or destroying the brain'. Perhaps as a 1st person rpg that can be switched to 3rd person if you so wish. (ala fallout, oblivion and vampire the masquerade). I want to have limited ammo, but the ability to use almost anything around me to bludgeon my foe. Who else would like somehting like this?

    So what do you guys and gals think?

      1. No. I've got better things to spend my money on!

      2. The Vampire games were good fun. Been meaning to hunt them down to play again (a Steam re-release would be amazing). Borrow the Fallout 3 engine & slap a Vamp: Masquerade game over the top? For sure!

      3. Dead Rising 2's out soon.. Otherwise L4D fills this void nicely, even if they do move a lot faster than your traditional Zombie horde.

        Yes but L4d and dead rising still don't follow the zombie essentials.. you can still kill by hitting anywhere on the body.
        I'm talking about a game where only headshots/decapitation count!

        Possibly even similar to what dead space did where you can knock off limbs to slow the zombie down, but not to kill it.

      1. No, but have been thinking about a umb one maybe.
      2. God, I am sick of vampires, which doesn't help when your daughter is all into twilight and she insists on telling you the whole damn story, over and over again.
      3. Zombies will always be ace, all those new hollywood types are pretty good looking too, paris, lindsay etc....

        on #3 - lol nice.

        on #2 - this is exactly what i'm talking about. Vampires USED TO be cooler/more core.. but now they are a dumbed down fad. I want to see the comeback of the traditional vampire.

        If you're sick of pansey Vamps, check out Tru Blood.

        Yeh i gotta say true blood isn't all that bad.. but it still does involve at least one pansy vamp..

        Then again so did queen of the damned in a way.. but god did that movie ever kick ass! lol

        Queen of the Damned? You actually enjoyed that? Guess there's always going to be at least one person who likes horrid abominations ;) Think I managed 7 minutes of QOTD before turning it off in disgust and returning the DVD - Horrible acting and that stillborn of a script bastardising the Lestat & QOTD books.

        The Anne Rice Vampire books I can handle because unlike Twilight, she doesn't try to 'pretty up' her characters: They kill, cheat and do unpleasant things.

        haha i do agree with you in a sense - it is a complete bastardisation.. but if you put that aside it's an ok movie for a brain dead watch.

        Plus the sound track is pretty killer (if you're into metal and the such that is)..

        It's entirely predictable, but still way better than twilight ever will be :P

    No "Guess The Game" today?

      Remember This? will return tomorrow after taking Labour Day off.

        Think about all of us who live in WA and VIC!!

    Why is it my washine machine blew up, and then my dryer died later on the same day??? $1400 down the drain (haha) which could have been spent on a new flat-screen, or hookers (not really, they scare me)....

    And, as crazy as it sounds, this also happened which made my week complete.

    I am reasonably good friends with my local glazier as I make fish tanks as a part time income, so I see him every few months for supplies, anyhoo.
    So, I am playing billiards and I make an incredible jump shot over the black ball, unfortunately things then went pear shaped. The jump shot made the white ball come off the table. Which the dog thought would be a laugh to steal. So, I'm yelling at the dog as he bounds away with his new ball, which being weighty and slippery, and him being small and feeble, slipped out of his mouth and bounced down the hallway hitting my front door side window pane breaking it! So after my week, I figure a busted window aint too bad in the grand scheme of things.

    BUT (story takes a big 90 degree's here)

    So, I am in Mitre 10, picking up some teflon tape as the new washine machine hose is leaking somewhat, no major biggie. As I come out of Mitre 10 and start putting my wheelchair in my car an old lady approaches me and tells me that a car backed into my car and then drove off. So I reassemble my wheelchair, get out and inspect the damaged to my front end. At least there was only the smallest of nicks in the paint work, which I guess I can live with but here's the kicker. When I ask what the car looked like, she's tells me it was (name with-held) "Pa***** Glass", my mate the glazier.
    So, I have a busted window, a glazier who is/was a friend who is also morally bankrupt. Am I cheating on him if I get another glass company in? Would you still aquire someones services if they did this to your car and drove off? Is this story too long for kotaku? Is it petty of me to call him up about the scratch/accident, thereby leaving me without a local place to get my glass from at a cheap price?

      No, No, Yes and Hell No.

      And tough break about the white goods

    What should I get for lunch?

      Jeeze, you should make your lunch at home and take it with you, sheesh, learn to pac man!*


    Seems there's some good deals to be had with 360 elites atm. I picked up an elite with ODST, World at War and Lego Indy/Kung Fu Panda for $389. After trading ODST for $77, that comes to $312 for an elite console, 1 game and a frisbie ... I'll let you decide which was the frisbie ;)

    Anyone else get some good deals last week?

    Is there any way to get email notifications when someone replies to your comments on here?

    does anyone know how to fix the problem with playing COD4 multiplayer under Windows 7 RC, it doesen't won't to load...

    Flat screens scare me too.

    How do you trade ODST for $77? It is only $68 at BIGW brand new.

      I know, what a steal. EB gave $70 + 10% with an edge card. I almost went and bought a few bigw copies after that!

    Where's Tracey these days?

      You know what- I was going to ask the same question too! Where in the world is Tracey Lien?

      Actually, I did see her at the Night in Fantasia thing a week and a half ago recording something during the intermission and called her name out really loudly in shock and awe =\

        Tracey is very much alive. She had a change in her work schedule that meant she no longer had the time to pitch in on Kotaku. We'd love to have her back and, who knows, maybe someday!

      Ah that sucks, it was interesting seeing her here, even if it was only very brief.

      By the way, how does one work for Kotaku anyway?

        I hear having a talent for getting locked in stairwells and on balconies is a well sought after skill.

        If that was the case, i'd be running the place by now....

        Quite clearly your skills are far too great for the meager Kotaku offices, and are needed elsewhere.
        Because you know, in this current economic situation, people with skills who are willing to work for significantly less than they would pre-2008 are few and far between.

        zz The GFC is overrated in Australia. The only impact that the GFC would have on gaming journalism is the possible drop in advertising revenue. Which, as I look to the right and bottom sides of this page, is live and kicking.

        actually... the GFC would affected Australia by either going up or going down in the number of ads... but chances are... if they do decide to advertise any where, including Australia, in which Australia would be milked for every $$$ since they are desperate for money...

        dammit... I just ranted again....

        Here's another one... Import time! >D

    Hey. Off topic, but whats everyone running internets wise? I'm looking into naked dsl when moving into new house. That ok for psn and live? Cheers

      Absolutely. It's just ADSL without phone lines! I'd suggest hitting up for a decent comparison of what's available in your area, including what each ISP offers in way of extras (eg. iiNet count uploads on some plans, but don't count XBL traffic etc).

      I'm with Pacific, have 20gb peak (8am-8pm) and 75gb off peak. And, I'm still speed shaped towards the end of the month.... Speed is not great (around 5000 on speedtest) but thats the best I can get in my area anyways. Psn is so-so, many big downloads drop out from time to time. I guess I can't really recommend them :/

        Unless you want to get, er, linux ISOs.. I'd probably avoid any ISP (TPG, Comcen/Spin etc) that offer massive quotas for not a lot of cash, as the gaming performance will quite likely be shite. Even though there's copious amounts of whinging, browsing Whirlpool's forums can give you a good indicator of what you'll be signing into gaming wise.

      Naked is the way to go because generally you get better quotas. I'm with iiNet and the service is pretty good and as a bonus I get free Xbox Live content. I think most gamers consider Internode the best alas they don't serve my area.

    "Share" button menu popup thing above the "next page" button fffffffff

    Any fellow Kotaku readers going to BDO Sydney?
    How did you go with getting tickets?

      My friend managed to get four tickets for four of us from the BDO website shortly after midnight. He said he got them at 12:10, with tickets selling out at 12:16 or something like that. Tough break for everyone on the Ticketmaster screwup though. It's pretty much gonna be my first festival, so I'm pretty excited about it.


        Yeah I got 3 tickets for me and friends in the Ticketmaster "screw up" and can't wait, it'll be my 4th BDO :)
        I don't think you'll be disappointed, though the line-up is heaps similar to the '07 BDO (my first) but I had heaps fun at that and the bands were awesome!

    Oh boy, what's with the horrible site shitting PSP-Go stuff? At least it's not quite as horrid as the dump the N97 took on a while back (encapsulating the entire site in a small browser frame/window), but is still jarring enough. Guess it's a trade off for Kotaku being free to view, but it just doesn't make those sorts of ads any easier on the eyes..

      I dont get any ads from Kotaku anymore, so much nicer with adblock. Can't remember exactly how I did it, but someone here on Kotaku explained how to do it once, all I know is it works!

      It's kind of amusing to read all the negative PSPgo articles via a giant oversized novelty PSPgo though, you have to admit.

      A PSP-Go sell out are we now? :P

      That's part of what grinded my gears about the whole thing. Maybe I'm just used to Penny Arcade's stance of "we won't advertise stuff we don't like/haven't played", but this largely works because of their position in the industry. Still...

        if you know penny arcarde's policy you know they lose vast amounts of money doing so, and lucky for them to be able to afford to. go listen to the "dangers of exposure" podcast from PA to have gabe and tyco themselves explain how the PA ad model is a failing model that loses money, not earns.

        the entire PA franchise levrages how the guys are percived by their audiance. that leverage is what makes them money, way more than ad space, by contracting themselves out to developers for their imput(eg todays PA news post about doing consultancy work on dragon age in addition to the comic tie in). they lose money on ads to make even more money from developers by levraging the respect in the gamer community that losing that ad revenue earns them(i suspect Khoo is behind this).

        regular sites need to rely on pageveiws for money becuase they dont do contract work for developers. since ugly ass ads like that PSP one are worth more per pageveiw i am willing to accept them. site tie in ads are far more acceptable than other news sites and their full page "clink here to continue to X" ads.

        Actually no, I didn't realise that they were losing money by taking the stance they did. Will be honest and say that I've never listened to any of their podcasts (largely because until now, I've never had an iPod or a device I'd actually want to use to listen to these things on). Puts things into a bit more perspective. Guess I've had something against 'site shitting' by products ever since IGN let Ronald McDonald take a massive red dump all over it many years back.

    Getting off the site advertising topic..

    Anyone seen the new range of Activision/Atari 2600 shirts at Jay Jays?

    Our local one had 3 in stock when I walked past last night - a Pitfall "8 bit 4 life!" shirt, a H.E.R.O shirt and one with the box art for Grand Prix on it. For $20 they're quite good, as long as you're a XXL or smaller that is.

    I grabbed the Pitfall one, although tempted to hunt out a H.E.R.O one in XXL next time I pass a JayJays -

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