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    Is there any way for this post to be kept in the Editor's Picks column on the right?


      Perhaps David doesn't think that this section warrants a mention in the Editor's Picks =\


    Good morning Kotakuians! So, I get a call last night at about 7:00pm and am having a chat with my old man. Nothing unusual about that, then he makes my heart sink. Those words slipped so easily from his lips but caused so much pain. "So how'd ya like Bathurst" he says. Then there is a long pause while I process the information. Damn, I can't believe I completely forgot about bathurst, that special day of the year when the couch is mine andd beer flows free. You know its incredibly boring (unless its raining), but still its a day for rejoicing the car. Damn.
    So, what was I doing? Taking my daughters out clothes shopping. 5 hours of sitting outside change rooms like an idiot (they really should install gaming consoles outside change rooms for us).
    Anyways, was it worth watching?

      Hate to disappoint you, but the who race has now gone so tactical, there were some cars that quite literally ran on fumes... Making cars run as long as possible before they must pit and then only realise that a safety car popped out and spoiled the party in terms of tactics.
      If you knew what you were looking for in the entire race, The Stig didn't do so well... that's all I'm saying :P

        Whoa whoa whoa.... The Stig?? Pray tell this info! Is this the aussie stig I assume?

        Could be... Or two Stigs...

    I think last week's 'talk amongst' got buried for one reason or another, so figured this might be worth a repost (for the love of Retro of course!):

    Anyone seen the new range of Activision/Atari 2600 shirts at Jay Jays?

    Our local one had 3 in stock when I walked past last night – a Pitfall “8 bit 4 life!” shirt, a H.E.R.O shirt and one with the box art for Grand Prix on it. Have also seen 2 other shirts as well: One with the Pitfall box art & another with a picture of the world (done in Atari 2600 box-art style) + the Barnstorming plane flying around it with "World Tour 83" written underneath. For $20 they’re quite good, as long as you’re a XXL or smaller that is.

    I grabbed the Pitfall '8 bit 4 life' one ( ), although tempted to hunt out a H.E.R.O one in XXL next time I pass a JayJays –

      unfortunately if its at jayjays, hundreds of 15-year-olds have already bought it, and if you wear it, people will probably mistake you for a (hairy) 15 year-old as well

        That bit did scare me a touch, but meh. It's hard enough finding Retro shirts as it is, short of importing them that is.

    ok so me and my mates are going indoor rock climbing this weekend, have not been before. any tips?

      I don't go very often, but the few times I've been I've found it useful to use your legs when you can. Rock climbing takes heaps out of your hands and forearms, especially with all the gripping you have to do. Also, lock your arms if you wanna hang, but don't hang for too long.

      Actually a more useful tip overall would be to not leave the fun looking climbs to the end. Do a couple of easy ones to get used to it, but then head straight for the hard one if you like the look of it. If you work up the difficulty levels and leave them to the end you won't have much energy left for them.


      Make sure the person holding your rope as you climb actually holds it. Otherwise everything you do should be fine; don't be scared if you won't make it or fall or whatever.

      the best advice i probably have is to not say "me" instead of "my".

      That, my boy, is how dole bludgers speak

        While I agree that to be grammatically correct I should have said “my mates and I”, do we truly need to police the grammar of a comment in a news article, particularly one that is more like 3 fractured statements rather than a coherent sentence?

        After SMS and Twitter, forums are perhaps the lowest form of written communication out there. When a commenter is literate it’s a bonus, attempting to enforce spelling, grammar or punctuation on a forum is like attempting to fight a bushfire with a super soaker.

        The fact is while I am quite capable of stringing two sentences together. For a comment that short, I simply couldn’t be arsed.

        calm down bro, at least he didn't say 'youse'

        Hey man, sorry about that. i didn't mean to come off as harsh... the interwebs needs a sarcasm font or something. lol

        but i'm curious now as how you said you were too lazy to type it properly, yet you replaced one two letter word with another one ending in the same result... lol

        Either way sorry if i sounded like a dick - wasn't my intention. I should be the the last person to correct other peoples spelling or grammar. :)

      If you're going up, don't think too long and just go. All you need to think about is "where does that lead". If it goes to the top, just go. What's worse than going up slowly is finding out that the route you took happens to be a dead end

      Like Sing Nguyen said its all in the legs. Using your arms to hold you body weight is tiring and you'll fail very quickly. Use your arms for balance and use your legs for climbing and you should do fine.

    Picked up a copy of Batman AA on 360 for $40 on the weekend thanks to Dick Smith and JB HI-FI.

    Went to Glen Waverly DS who was having a massive clearence on their games and picked up 1 copy of Def Jam Icon ($10) and a copy of NFS Pro Street ($20). I tried to get a second copy of Icon but they only had one, so they told me DS chadstone had one and they might match the price. So off to chaddy i went and they had 1 copy left in stock at $40, so i took it to the guy at the counter with my receipt and told him Glenny said they migth be able to match the price for me. Straight away he said "sure no probelem" and gave it to me for $10.
    Then i went straight to JB Hi Fi and traded all 3 for a copy of Batman AA! :D
    So pumped!

    Also picked up a copy of facebreaker on 360 for $5 from DS glenny while i was there, but that can't be used in the 3 for 1 deal at JB.

    Any one else get any good deals this weekend?

      Lol, you sneaky bugger loopy, well played. 2+ internets for you :)

    I don't suppose there could be more consistantly with article tagging? I mean, half the Dragon Age articles are tagged with "dragon age", the other half "dragon age: origins", so you end up having to do a search anyway (which misses the point of tags in the first place).

    Can someone tell me what it means when a game "goes gold"?

      It means the "gold master" has been sent for duplication/manufacturing.

        I see.

        I thought it had something to do with sales figures... which I couldn't figure out because the games hadn't been released yet.


      And also means that some git will likely be stealing a copy of the gold master soon and post it online for the pirates to dive in to ;)

    Did anyone else watch Top Gear last night and get annoyed at Richard and Jeremy's pronunciation of "Bathurst"?

    Bar-hurst, Bar-hurst? Where the hell is Bar-hurst? Never heard of it myself...

    Not gaming-related, but I thought people might enjoy Michael Atkinson copping some heat. He made the mistake of calling an organised gang of thieving thugs "evil" which of course would be fine, except they are black.

    Get your popcorn!

      He didn't do blackface or tell someone Jewish they need to use a concentration camp to lose weight, so therefore this won't end up with calls for his resignation (unfortunately).

      They're evil because they play video games.


      OK so I have a question that my google-fu seems unable to answer or at least verify my finding. Maybe somebody here can help.

      Is the term of a State Attorney General the same length as the state government is in power? I.E. Once SA Labor loses power does that mean Atkinson is out or is his term independent to that?

      Many thanks.

        I've Wiki'd a couple of things (the number of subjects that people are willing to write ultra-formal articles on baffle me), and the best I could find is that the Federal Attorney-General is usually a a member of the Cabinet (and hence ruling party) and usually serves so long as the party is in power (or less). However, there is no constitutional requirement for this to be the case, so technically anyone can do it so long as they've been approved by the Governor-General (and who have been initially recommended by the Prime Minister) (

        That's federal however, and the closest thing I could find in regards to state attorney-generals is this sentence found in the generic attorney-general page: "The Australian states each have an Attorney-General, who is a state minister with similar responsibilities to the federal minister with respect to state law." I would assume that that means that yes, Atkinson would be kicked out should Labor be kicked out. If anyone has a more definitive answer, please do share.

        Living in NSW I don't know what the political climate is like in SA, but Wiki tells me an election is coming up next March, so perhaps the winds of change will blow favourably for gamers and proponents of an unbroken classification system in the near future.


        Don't start assuming everything will go the way you want it to.
        If you want something done, write to them... though this will amount to nothing... Hold a rally... but this will also amount to nothing...
        Do something more than assuming...

        I'm also in NSW, but regardless of which side is elected, there is no way they are going to allow R rated games to be considered "unless" they explicitly say that they are for it.

        If you want to make a difference start a political party and gather supporter... Maybe a party called the Gamer's Party.

        Don't believe everything you read in Wiki as some people do alter the facts and you wouldn't be wiser for it. And Quit the Dinging... it is very annoying when someone is scrolling and looking for certain things especially in this thread

    If anyone is interested in Modern Warfare 2... Two news items...
    PC is not actually a delay but someone pulling a prank, though, there is no official word about any production problems
    Price Hike in US + UK for PC

    Enjoy, if you can

    Thanks Sing. Good info.

    I guess the initial assumption is correct and I have a feeling with a federal Labor in power there is a chance people may wish to balance it out with state Librals.

    But as I am from NSW myself, any conjecture on the feeling of the SA people towards their government is me talking out of my bottom.

    It's Friday! Nearly Saturday even - Hooray!

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