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    Oh don't mind me, i'm just sitting here waiting for news of a street date break on Borderlands.

      I'm waiting (still) for my copy of Uncharted 2 to rock up... :( (at least it's free I guess... :))

    Brutal legend
    Forza 3
    Assassins Creed 2

    What 3 will you buy?

      MW2 + Forza 3 = Must Get
      Last one... Maybe L4D2 since my old computer can handle it

        How is Forza 3 a must get. Maybe he is just a casual racing fan? I would say MW2, Borderlands and Assassins Creed 2 because of the breath of content and amount of time you can spend playing them.

      Already have Brutal Legend and it is awesome.


    over the weekend I put off doing any work for school, most of which is all due this week or next, bailed on a date with a chick who was gagging for some Ross-cock, and just generally neglected to care about any responsibilities i have. i couldn't do any thing but play uncharted 2. dont get me wrong, i enjoyed it, but now i've got 12,000 words to write as well as trying to smooth things over with this girl this afternoon, basically i regret it now and i don't remember ever regretting playing a game before, maybe im getting too old, 23 next month. i want to hear worse stories than mine to make me feel better

      Moderation dude.

      My 50+ page thesis is due in... 26 hours and I'm still not done.
      Mostly played L4D and Disgaea 2 over the weekend.
      Good times.

      Assignment due (late in fact) decided to have a break until lunch time. Had a match with a mate on Brutal Legend, got way too into it and lost track of time. Now currently scrambling to finish it... but am instead on Kotaku.

      Thesis due in just over 12 hours and poo has hit the fan.
      My main source code was kinda corrupted on my USB, but thankfully had backups.
      Source code now seg faults on my laptop, so no way to test if my system actually works.
      Currently going through Kotaku with a thermos of tea expecting little, if any at all, sleep tonig... this morning.
      Thermos of tea also kinda smells like MSG/chicken chips.
      Thermos of tea also kinda tastes like MSG/chicken chips. Bizarre, yet somewhat tasty.

      Gosh I hope my thesis supervisor doesn't read Kotaku.


    Hey everyone, hope you're weekends were all well!

    I spent the entire weekend working at the Moto GP in Phillip Island. I am absolutely exhausted to say the least. it's bad enough i have to get up at 6am weekdays for work, let alone having to do the same on the saturday and sunday. Suffice to say i'll be living off coffee for the entirety of my work day.

    I did have a good time though, and if you were there then i was the younger bloke working at the RT moto stall (selling Skin Industries and the Casey Stoner and Valentino Rossi Visuwalls), but unfortunately i didn't get to see much racing at all, but the total 10 minutes of the lites racing i saw was pretty neat.

    It was my fist time at such an event and the atmosphere was brilliant, and jesus, TV doesn't do any justice to just how fast these bikes whiz by!

      Sounds like a cool weekend loops! Its been a while since I've been to a motorsport event, but for my mind, nothing beats the drags. Firstly, you get to see the whole race and track, live! Not sure if they still do the top fuellers/funny cars down at calder park (been at least 10 years since ive been). But if you've never seen them, its a must. The sheer volume as the lights go green is like a thousand subwoofers cannoned into your chest, if you were choking on a chicken wing, it would be dislodged with a nitro powered hiemlick manouver. The stink of burnt rubber, the sting of nitro in your eyes the bravery of the bikers.... Man, I've talked myself into wanting to go again, must check to see if they still do the nationals down there.

        Funnily enough, even with the business i'm in, i don't go to many motorsports events as i usually can't handle the sort of degenerated that populate such things. Though the moto GP was not what i expected and everyone seemed to possess a mutual respect which was refreshing and quite nice. All in all it was a fantastic event. That being said i'm glad nothing broke out as none of the 'security' they had looked like they could handle verbal abuse, let alone a fight.

        I'd also been to a destruction derby before when i was younger, which was hell fun as long as i ignored most the other yahoos lol

        Not to sound like a snob, i just can't handle bogans...

    Oho. I noticed a new form of advertisement. Good work Kotaku!

      I would also like to add, annoying, since it is blocking my access to view the regulars from the menu... talk about priorities...

    Being a PC gamer at heart, I am shocked, saddened, disapointed and furious even at Infinity Wards decision to screw over PC gamers. COD4's huge success was its multiplayer server setup, its what grew the pc market, it kept down piracy because it was a cracking MP experience and you needed a cd key. This decision has to be the dumbess move by a company this year. No more custom maps either??? Bah, I'm real dirty about this.... I dont want to play with random ppl each time, I want to be in a clan. This sucks. FU IW

    I downloaded the two ball packs (Halloween and Planets) for High Velocity Bowling off of PSN on the weekend, but neither of them appear in HVB. I have downloaded ball packs previously without a problem...

    Anyone else have a problem with this?

    Is anyone else finding that the more the marketing machine for Dragon Age: Origins amps up... the less interested you get?

    Unrelated... I don't know if I should be interested in Borderlands... I'm worried it'll be a bit too much like Too Human.
    Someone convince me.

    Does anyone know if the PS3 Slims (or Originals for that matter) can play burnt DVD movies? Both home burnt ones and the dodgy ones you buy at Chinatown with the latest movies etc.

    I ask on behalf of a friend as his mum will pay for most of the PS3 if it can play said DVD's (she watches Asian musicals for the most part), otherwise he'll have to fork out the entire amount himself (try not to jump to conclusions and judge him).

      For the most part, yes.
      I've tried the very same thing on my original PS3, but it can be quite fickle.
      Sometime's it plays Anime that i've got, but cannot recognise/show the subtitles, or it won't work at all.
      Don't recommend it due to it's unpredictability.

    I've finished uni for the year (well for the most part, I've still got an application to take care of) so I decided to revisit some old games and put in a (not so) new one.

    Shenmue II - Terrible controls, horrible voice acting and repetitive gameplay...and yet for some reason I like it. I'm trying to put my finger on why, may be related to the environment and music. Also the fact that it feels like you are playing an 80s kung fu film. Really need to get my hands on copies of the Yakuza games.

    Star Wars KOTOR 2 - Gets a bad rap generally but it has a solid story. The main thing I am noticing on this play through is how long a lot of the planets take. It also took about 10 hours before I got a lightsaber and that felt a little long.

    Dead Space - Yeah late to the party on this one, a friend loaned it to me a while back but I was too busy with uni. I'm not a big survival horror fan but this is cool. I have zero investment in the story though.

      There's always the KOTOR2 restoration project - - Although that's been semi-abandoned for the time being..

      Otherwise, go look for a copy of System Shock 2 and/or Fallout 1 & 2 to get your Retro on. There's some classic old school gaming right there.

    apparently Borderlands does not have a street date, when it hits its out


    Dave when might you be posting said borderlands review?

      Our Borderlands review went up earlier today.

    but thats not an Australian oriented review :(

      It pretty much covers all my thoughts. Despite some weak enemy AI, Borderlands is hugely addictive and best enjoyed as a co-op experience.

    For the fans of Australian Author Matthew Reilly, his new book "The Five Greatest Warriors" is released today! Whilst I'm still more a fan of his earlier stuff (Ice Station, Temple & Area 7 probably being some of my favourites), his more recent stuff has still been fairly entertaining and a good distraction.

    Of course, if you're a fan then you'd probably already know it's out today :)

      Bought it at lunch...

      Now my weeks shot.

      Have to finish Brutal Legend,
      Buy and Finish Borderlands.
      Read the book.
      Memorise a bunch of tunes.
      Hand in 2 assignments and a work project

      And all before Dragon Age Origins comes out in 2? weeks.

    Street Date smash: Forza 3

      Nice getting your hands on that. So... how's the game like? :P Or the online functions of the game :P

    damn in itchin to get my hands on dragon age already

    Any new release info on PLAYTV? I see EB games has it up for November sometime and i read some article that said it should be out before Christmas but i want details people, details!

    Remedy has re-released the PC classic Death Rally as freeware :

    It's about 40mb and has been retooled to run on modern PCs, although they stripped the multiplayer out (due to it being via IPX/SPX or modem). Spent far too much time playing this puppy back when it came out, although never got to play too much multiplayer :(

    I'm really anxious to find out the results of L4D2's ratings appeal. fingers crossed people!

      The censored version should be a shoe in without a doubt.... I wonder if someone has gone to the better agency to place a bet to have the game recieve the MA15+ rating?
      It would be a pure kick to the groin if it recieves RC again... though, it really shouldn't...


      I love how the "close" thing is like a tiny little white bit of text that's almost impossible to see, too. If you miss it by even a millimetre you end up going to the Sony website instead...

        yeah its also annoying that the ads are videos now instead of images.

        Bandwidth is precious people.... At least in australia.

          Not just bandwidth is slows down the page load too, so much flash.

          Earlier today I loaded up Kotaku and missed the PSP close button, as the new window loaded I ended up just shutting down the browser.

          The funny thing is the ad itself is pissing me off and makes me even less likely to buy the PSP.

          Yeah it's almost as if it was done on purpose, having the close tab above the link to the PSP website. Probably my imagination you know, why would anyone try to leech more from their advertisers by tricking their readers, right? =)

      Said ad actually pushed me to block it.

      It takes a lot to get me to block ads.

      There are ads?
      I love adblock

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