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    So who's going to the egames expo this weekend?!

      Silly question; where/when/what is it?

      (yes, i'm too lazy to google it)

        It's at the royal exibition building (next to melbourne museum) all weekend.. tickets are fairly priced too

        heres the linky for anyone interested

        there are going to be some cool games on show.. while i already know it won't be all that exciting compared to stuff overseas, it's still about the only thing us aussies get so it'll be worth the look.

      Looks interesting, but no. Those sorts of things never really come to Brisbane (Supanova & GenCon really don't count), which is a shame.

      Thinking about it but I'm not sure if there will be enough there to grab me.

        So you've noticed Sony and Nintendo missing from the roster too?

      I've been kinda meh about going. I went to Armageddon two weeks ago which was FANTASTIC, but nothing here really grabs me

    Also, that PSP ad has GOT TO GO!
    Seriously that has got to be the MOST annoying ad i have ever come across! lol

      Agree. Click 'close' and it pops up to the ad site anyway. You can't click anything 'underneath' where the screen was after you 'close'.

      That and the PSPgo is literally shit with a massive price tag. Kind of like Gouchi handbags.

      Nothing but a hindrance.

      I was just about to write a comment on that too but then I looked up & saw yours.

      It'd be alright if I could change my browser at work but unfortunately I can't change my browser, or it's settings.

      I must say... that was not very noticable... like the "all I want is a PSP for Xmas" thing... very subtle... freight train next time or something?
      The ad crashed the darn computer in TAFE... The close tab needs to be improved and not do forced loading... we're not in North Korea here and I've already copped enough of the PSP Go ad on the TV as it is...
      Sony is really starting to dig into its own grave. The PS3 is improving slightly... but the North Korea approach doesn't help

      I think I'm going to have to avoid the site for loading reasons and to avoid the computer crashing whilst doing TAFE work, nothing personal...

      ~Points section~
      Style: 8 / 10
      Execution: 10 / 10
      Presentation: 8 / 10
      Crash: 8 / 10
      Freight Train: 5 / 10

      PSP Go! ad: 39 / 50
      I really hardly noticed it, needs more freight train. I must say, the crash was quite very impressive, after losing about an hour's worth of work

        That's my issue with it (which forces me to use adblock to stop it): Massive flash video that runs *EVERY* time you load/reload the home screen. If you're able to close it (which is made hard by the close option vanishing for 2-3 seconds), it has a habit of re-running itself again 2 or 3 times before it stays closed.

        Site shitting with the crap down the side is one thing, but soul destroying unescapable full screen flash videos aren't fun at all...

      I dont mind the crap either side of the middle frame, but the ad that drops down and covers everything is a pain in the ass...

        i'm not coming back till the ads are gone count me out see ya here comes, so much for an Australian kotaku Kommunity but i'ld rather be a faceless blip on the american site then wading through half a ton of advertising to read a couple of articles on the Australian site

        See's Ya

          Yeah, I'm over it, it just popped up like 3 times in a row, opening PSP websites each time I clicked 'close'. I'll be using the American site...

        I've never seen it. Whether it's due to AdBlock Plus, Remove It Permanently or Flashblock, I couldn't tell you, but all three seem to be saving me a tonne of drama.

          It would be Adblock Plus helping you and I out. Don't leave home without it!

    Hi Kotaku!
    Im looking for borderlands coop friends on xbox
    gamertag: dmanwhat

    In line with everyone else " Piss that bloody PSP OFF"

    Like everyone else is saying... Do something about that PSP ad, It is way too intrusive and ruins the viewing of the site.

    Fortunately my work PC blocks that bullshit PSP Go ad and all others. My home PC doesn't...

    I therefore avoid at home like the black plague.

    hey guys i've got a question for you that i'm hoping someone will know the answer to.
    If i purchase a physical copy of left 4 dead 2 off play-asia or some other import site, will i have any trouble playing it on steam or will it have a first day update to make it conform to the australian ratings?

    Cheers in advance

    more psp ads! more more more

      Gates, dude, I thought you were trying to destroy your company with RROD and Vista, this just confirms it.

    Today has become sad though... received my copy of "Afrika" today... funny thing is I didn't know that Afrika was an XBOX 360 game, that goes by the pseudonym of "WarTech: Senko no Ronde"...

    a single game order and Play-Asia stuffed it!? it's not even the same system, how wide of the mark can you get? well time to see what they plan to do about it!

    So' I've been playing Borderlands on the weekend... and I can safely say, I'm not loving it.

    I'ts definitly a game for more than one player... but I keep coming back to it.

    I'm not enjoying the fact that once you've cleared an area, the next time you come back you've got to kill everyone (the exact same named enemys) again... but I keep picking back up the controller.

    I wasn't enjoying the fact that boredom had set in after an hour or two... but I keep coming back again.

    I'm not thrilled that the "bazillion" weapons feel kind of samey, but I'll probably keep playing tonight.

    Anyone else finding this?

      It's Diablo 2, with guns.

      Not a bad thing, but can feel very "I've been here before" if you sunk a tonne of time into D2/LoD back in the day.

    Attention everyone!

    Regarding the PSPgo ad currently on the front page: we appreciate your feedback, we really do. We take all of it on board when planning future advertising on the site. (And it goes without saying that ads are vital to our existence.)

    The ad should be working as follows: if you mouse-over the top banner ad, a video will pop-up and play automatically. In the top right corner is the word "CLOSE"; clicking on it will close the video pop-up. Click anywhere else on the video and you'll be directed to an external PSPgo page. Mouse-over the banner a second time and the video will pop-up again.

    If that's what you're seeing, then it is normal and exactly how the ad is intended to work.

    If this is not what you are seeing, please send me an email explaining exactly what you're experiencing and what browser you're using.

    No more comments regarding this ad campaign will be approved in this post. Let's find some other things to discuss, eh?

      Can we format our comments also? :)

      If so, what options can we have!

        You can read the site... or you can not.

        I know it's not my place to say, but I couldn't resist.

    Game you most regret spending your hard earned cash on?

    Mine = Two Worlds on pc. Gave up when the horse would never go where I wanted it.

    So, what type of music do most people here listen to? What CD/mp3 album are you liking the most currently?

    So. Who saw Good Game tonight?
    What did you think?

      I like how people are getting their knickers in a twist over the situation. Was going through the Good Game forum last night and there was love and hate all round. I watch the show to be entertained, and entertained I was, thus I was satisfied with the show. I didn't watch it with any pre-conceived ideas on Hex, nor did I have any super gripe with the absence of Jung (although, I do admit, what may or may not have been his 'dumping' did seem a little unceremonious, but I hope he's still happy with his behind the camera work), and I took the show for what it was, and was happy with it. People need to quit being such whiny tools.



    Dave, Have you sent out email requests for details for the KoF comp yet, as i still havent received any email when you usually get them out fairly quickly?

      Already got yours.

        haha awesome. Just wasn't sure if you were keeping record or not :P
        Thanks :)

    Yo David, do you get my Valkyria Chronicles review? Just wondering =S

      Check back at 3pm today. (Today being Thursday.)

      This one you mean Cameron?

      Go you!

        Haha yeah thanks =)

    Enjoy the rest of Friday and your weekend all - I'm off to jump on a boat for a Work "Offsite". And by Offsite, I mean "cruise the Brisbane river on a chartered boat drinking beer paid for by work".


    Promo boxes for darksiders went up at EB today.

    Damn, I hope that game doesn't disapoint.

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