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This isn’t some marketing survey or whatever. It’s an emotional investment in you. Yes, we’re interesting in knowing you, Kotaku reader person. You probably know fucktons about us — more than you even want to, we’re sure. But, hey, we’d like to know about you, too.

Anyway, here’s today’s question…

Download-only games are all the rage. XBLA and PSN offer some of their system's best titles. iPhone gaming has exploded. And this week, the PSP got its Minis service and the arrival of the PSPgo makes every game a download. But what's your favourite? And how do they stack up against more expensive disc-based titles?

Me? Last year, Braid was my runner-up choice for the best game of the year. This year, I reckon Shadow Complex (despite some reservations around its story and hero) is in contention to go one better.


    Bionic Commando Re-Armed was incredible and better than the retooling - I'm a PS3 owner but wish could get some Shadow Complex love. Wipeout HD also awesome with the fury pack.

    I'm a massive 2d fighting fan so its really not that hard to decide. Super Street Fighter II turbo HD remix hands down gets my vote. Also worth a mention are Castle Crashers, Trials HD, Shadow Complex, Geometry Wars 1 & 2, MVC2, Flip note studio, Metal Slug 3, contra, TMNT 1989 arcade. Actually there's a tonne of great games out there worthy of anyone's time.

    I can't go past Geometry Wars 2. I always flick it on for a five minute game while waiting for something to download, and end up playing it for two hours straight. You know those little bump grip things on the left stick of the 360 controller? Well they no longer exist on either of my controllers as GW2 has worn them both down. I spend a ridiculous amount of time strategising tactics for a game which is pretty much asteroid on ecstacy.

    Braid and Castle Crashers are both close runner-ups, and Shadow Complex was an excellent6 hours or so--even if it made me feel bad for supporting anti-gay-rights.

    And I should mention Flower for being the only PSN game that has attracted my money so far.

    I think in general, download games tack up quite nicely against disc-based titles. Sure, there is a lot of crap out there, but the same can be said for disc games. I don't mind forking out the extra $20 and half-gig for a few days of entertainment to lull me over until the next big release or I can reignite my interest in my disc collection.

    However, I would still never pay $99 (and a slice of my hdd) for a "full" game. For that amount, I want the case and disc and manual and all the pretty 'real' things.

    Where digital distribution is at the moment is exactly where I would like it to stay.

    Shadow Complex was phenomonal

    I love busting out some KOF 98 Ulimate Match,One of the best fighters on XBLA. It's sad really, I probably play it more than XII, sigh.

    First off, my runner up: Shadow Complex simply made... well, not my day, but more like my month. I'd been hanging out for something, anything, that played like Metroid for years, and finally! It's just a fantastic game in every respect. I'd've paid 3200MSpoints for it, rather than the 1200 they asked. It demolishes most disk-based games for quality of gameplay.

    Also, a title not released on any platform excepting PC is up there in the best I've put money down for. Aquaria, from Bit-Blot Studios, released on Steam, and before that, their website. I bought it on their website, played it, and fell in love with it. The graphics are just gorgeous - 2D's never looked so good. I like the art better than I do Braid's. The music is perfect, setting a great atmosphere. The gameplay is a 2D, underwater sidescroller. A little bit Metroid, a little bit Zelda, and a whole lot of fun.

    Aquaria is my favourite downloadable-only game of all time.

    shadow complex, its proof that old school mechanics can sell well in the download-game market.

    shadow complex shows you what a new metroid platformer should look like. just like mega man 9 there is a demand for classic games with new installments, rather than re-releasing old ports. i can purchase sonic 1-3 anytime on 3 differant platforms as part of 5 differant collections. i dont becuase i already 100%'d them back in the day(hell i still have them and a working megadrive at home). if project needlemouse is to sonic what shadow complex is to metroid i will pay any amout of money for it.

    Flower. Outstanding game.

    Followed by Wipeout HD, worth 3 times more than it costs.

    I've only ever bought two, Castle Crashers and Trials HD. There both good games and Trails is get much game time (stupid final acheivement)

    on the topic of downloadable games i wish Ubisoft would release the last gen Prince of Persia trilogy on xbox live. (also PSN if it has a similar setup for downloading old games)

    I've bought a bunch of games off PSN. Does anyone know if my purchases are transferable?

    For example, if my PS3 dies and I get a new one, can I download again for free?

    Or if I loan a mate my copy of Fallout 3, can they log in under my account and download the expansion packs I just bought?

      They are, you have the ability to download the item essentially onto "5 active consoles"... so in the event you have the worst luck, you will be able to re-download your purchases...

      The flip side is, yes, if you choose to, you can let your friend borrow your account and download expansions games, etc...

      He can play it no problems, but your account would still have to be on his console, as you are the owner, otherwise the content will not work...

    Shadow Complex for me. Tight, polished gameplay and proof that 2d platformers are still more than valid.

    Next favourite is REZ HD. It + widescreen TV with the sound cranked is nothing short of awesome.

    @Paul: Your mate could do that, as I'm pretty sure Sony gives you 5 downloads of a purchased item.

    SHADOW COMPLEX!!! YEAH!!! an trials HD also PORTAL!!!

    Oh this is so hard.
    Depends on my mood, what I feel like playing.
    Top games from different genres; wipeoutHD, flower, battlefield1943, pixeljunk monsters and pixeljunk eden.
    I think my fav right now would have to be BF1943

    Braid, Geometry Wars 2, SSF2HD and Shadow Complex


      have to agree with Braid.

    Trine was the goods.

    I am surprised that no one at Kotaku mentioned that the FIFA10 street date was broken, rather early by Australia before anyone else. I would have thought it was a big enough game to warrant some airtime

    On Steam, Audiosurf, hands down. The only game I enjoy playing just as much a year after buying it as I did on the first day.

    On Xbox Arcade, Shadow Complex.

    On PSN... the only game I bought was noby noby boy. Ahem.

    Zeno Clash has got to be the top pick of my list. With its beautifully render world and hard and fast fist fights it was a great buy.

    Audiosurf is a great one too. It had me trawling through my music library listening to tracks I hadn't heard in ages looking for a good ride.

    I've enjoyed these (and many other) $5-15 games as much as and more then some of the various disc-based games I've forked my money over for. I also like the feeling of supporting these small team developers who push the boundaries of creativity more so then the big developers.

    Wipeout HD, too good, and so much more to it than a 100 dollar game

    but Trash Panic is number one, just finished it on normal 8 hours right there and still so much to play, easily worth 8 bucks so simple yet complex most addictive, fun, rewarding game ive played this year downloadable or on disc

    The Path. Just for doing something different, and being creepy as hell without actually resorting to anything gratuitous.

    WipEout HD/Fury - With the disc-based version hitting JB HiFi in 2 weeks, it may not be applicable, but considering it's under $50... The Game Modes, available tracks, online... It really should be a $100 game...

    PixelJunk Eden - I still boot this up to play a few levels, a level can take over an hour if you go for all the Seeds within the game. That in itself is a challenge, to conserve your 'time' before it runs out. The music is subtle and does enough to make you know it's just there, it's the calm effect that you needs when you are running out of time...

    Super Stardust HD - Even today, a game that was launched with the PS3 still holds it own as onw of the better dual-stick shooters...

    There are others, but these 3 are a must on the PS3! :)

    Well Living in Australia.. it sure WONT BE Left 4 Dead 2 any time soon!!.
    Give us that R18+ Game Rating Atkinson

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