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Dammit, we want you to tell us stuff! Stuff like your most hated game character.

This isn’t some marketing survey or whatever. It’s an emotional investment in you. Yes, we’re interesting in knowing you, Kotaku reader person. You probably know fucktons about us — more than you even want to, we’re sure. But, hey, we’d like to know about you, too.

Anyway, here’s today’s question…

Have you ever played a game that you liked, but you just couldn't stand the main character? Or is that enough to turn you right off the whole game? Who's the worst character you've played in a game, and why?

Me? As tempting as it might be to rattle off a list of Final Fantasy games, the punchability of Cloud, Squall, Tidus, etc is just another reason why I'm not a fan of the series - not the only reason. No, wait... let me take that back. I really hated Tidus.


    El Fuerte in Street Fighter IV is a waste of space. I hope he somehow dies before Super is launched :P

    Masterchief. Halo is fun to play but i find ol MC such a boring character. At least Tidus, cloud and squall have a personality, annoying as they may be.

      The thing about characters like Master Chief and Marcus Phoenix is that they are so one dimensional its comical. FF characters are 1 dimension characters that TRY SO HARD to be something more, and end up just being pretentious, annoying gits.

      Agreed, wholeheartedly.

        Oh god, Who the hell brought up generic JRPG protagonist with effeminate features and huge sword #5693, and then decided this was an example of a good character.


    my old friend Eyedol- Killer Instinct on 8 stars difficulty. this bastard would combo-break you on a 2-hit combo. ahh the many hours of yelling and controller throwing is why i've aged as badly as i have...

      - the most annoying thing is when you used him yourself, there was no ultra-combo for you to use? wth?

    The prince in the new POP. He's such a meathead and way too Americanised.

      I'm convinced that the Prince in every PoP game since Sands of Time is a completely different character. How else can he go from being a loveable character, to a generic douchebag emo smouldering with generic rage?

    a bad main character is the nail in the coffin for my vidya gaems.

    but my most hated? hmm. that god damed dog from duck hunt would be right up there. in fact it has probably contributed to my in real life hate of dogs.

    of course their is always Navi from Ocarina of Time...

    Maxwell from Scribblenauts! There's a reason he wears a padded helmet. The last word I tried in that game was 'suicide'.

    Yeh.. tidus.. i really... really hate tidus...

    I likes squall, but i think thats because he didn't really talk and his weapon was cool.. lol.. Tidus though.. that whiney voice.. my god...

    Navi is another pain in the backside...

    I know there is plenty more i cant stand, but none spring to mind at the mo...

    Altair from Assassins Creed and Lymle from Star Ocean. Lymle is annoying and adds nothing to the gameplay. Altair? One-dimensional.

    How about that dbag from Blue Dragon, "I'LL NEVER GIVE UP!"... holy shit.

    i dont like mario as a character, his voice, his animations, actually the whole nintendo bunch, yoshi, wario, kirby, link, samus all nintendos character suck!

    Gordon Freeman.

    The whole silent protagonist thing never worked for me. And the idea that he's a better character because he's a nerdy looking scientist rather than a generic bald space marine... WHAT character???

    Still enjoyed Half Life 2 though.

    Makoto from Enchanted arms. Anytime he spoke i felt dirty, and to be honest i almost threw the game into the fireplace after sitting through a few hours of it.

    If i had to choose a second character that annoyed me it would have to be final fantasy xii's Vaan (almost said ffx's tidus but it was just his voice that frustrated), Vaan had an eery skeletal look about him and the typical asexual japanese rpg hero face. Vaan also had very little purpose in that game and anytime he died in the game im sure the other characters were reluctant to use those phoenix downs.

    Captain Jacob Keyes from Halo.

    In all of the Halo games, his movement is awful and he looks like a withered turd. Seriously ruined a good game by looking like he was modeled and lit by a drunken stillborn monkey with cataracts.

    Hahaha, I actually meant Fleet Admiral Sir Terrence Hood.
    I'm such a tool.

    Tingle from the Zelda series

    I really didn't like playing as Riddick from The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay. Big, goofy, bald-headed Vin Diesel....with silly looking goggles. I really enjoyed the game as a whole though...

      Wow, honestly I thought Riddick was the only character Vin Diesel EVER did well...

    Seriously, how has nobody mentioned Slippy the toad from Starfox yet?

    Marcus Fenix.

    Even John DiMaggio (the guy who voices Bender) can't save this waste of space. In fact pretty much every character in the game is pure rubbish.

    Such compelling dialogue:
    "URRR F*CK!"
    "Ahhh! Sh*t!"

    Well Tidus rates pretty highly, Daddy issues aren't fun to deal with in real life, nor a video game.


    The only character I hated so much that made me stop playing was when I tried to take a more evil path as Shephard from Mass Effect... although I was responsible for creating the hate; I found that all the "evil" paths were just so jerky, things that didn't even need to be at all sinister were just over the top. Normally I love some of the evil characters like in KOTOR or even black & white, I guess they got it super right then huh? To reiterate, what an asshole, But Good Shephard is awesome.

      I found the "renegade" Shephard character worked much better when playing a female. Jennifer Hale's voice acting seemed to suit the role much better.

    The blonde girl from Ace Combat 6.
    I swear by christ... if I hear the phrase "Dance with the Angels" one more time.

    Also the lead charector from GTA4... Niko something. That whole game was one long painful experience.

    While I could easily rave about how much I despise the majority of Final Fantasy protagonists, my prize for worst game character of all time goes to Buzz. The obnoxious, flip top headed goon who fronts generic, luddite pleasing games. I hope that one day they find his corpse in a hotel room, with a vegimite jar stuck up his ass.

    Any number of "badass 'tude" female side kicks that are so feisty they end up becoming tarty annoyances.

    Halo: ODST... Buck was... I don't know, so amazingly, obnoxiously stupid... he wasn't even a little bit likable. One example, when you're not playing as him, he stands behind you in a firefight, making one second bursts with the SMG... useless, no help at all... BUT he always has something dumb to say afterwords, like "that was close!" or "we did it!"... don't you fecking mean *I* did it? By the end I hated Buck so much, I was hoping he'd get KIA.

    Hammer from Fable 2, why don't they let you kill her??????

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