Ten Ways To Spot Otaku (There You Are!!)

In case you didn't know, the name of this site is Kotaku. Did you know that? Some people don't, they just click wildly around the internet like a pyromaniac in a straw factory.

Kotaku isn't a real Japanese word, it's a word somebody (not me!) made up many years ago. "Ko" in Japanese (小) means "small". "Otaku" has a couple meanings, but here it refers to someone who is obsessively interested in something. But shouldn't the site's name then be "Kootaku"? Shuddup.

There are many types of otaku: train otaku, anime otaku, game otaku, Brian Ashcraft otaku, you name it! But if you are looking at ways to i.d. otaku, here are ten — as voted on by Japan's Goo Ranking:

1. He has an anime T-shirt 2. He has an anime shopping bag 3. He has a waist pouch ("fanny pack" / "bum bag") 4. He wears a bandanna (hachimaki) 5. His bag is covered in anime badges 6. His hair is excessively long 7. He wears his rucksack over both shoulders 8. He has big, thick glasses 9. He tucks his shirt/T-shirt into his trousers 10. He wears chemical wash jeans

There are other ways to spot and stereotype otaku, but hey, these are the most popular ways Japan does it!

The ranking [Goo via Sankaku Complex NSFW][Pic]


    What's wrong with wearing a bag over two shoulders?

    11. He instinctively checks the same geek websites 5+ times a day and feels compelled to post comments on the most inane topics at least 3 times a day.

    ... .. . the fuck ...

    this one time ... . .. . at band camp

    "#9. Tucks his shirt into his trousers"

    So many people do that, what about those individuals who work in jobs requiring formal atire. They dress in suits, they tuck their shirts in to look professional and clean.

    This list is stupid.

    Hmm. Never seen someone who has all those features.
    I've seen the odd anime badge on a person's bag. I've seen people with big thick glasses; chemical wash jeans. Rarely see no.9.
    Only seen no.3 once at an anime convention.
    No.4 is something you see on Naruto fans at anime conventions.
    No.2 is a rarity.
    No.1 happens I guess.
    No.6 is extremely rare. I don't think I've ever seen an anime fan who has long hair, let alone excessively.

    11. Doesn't leave the house unless going to either an anime convention, getting groceries or a new game

    YOu guys are taking this way too seriously.

    @ Legless Joe: Just because lots of people have ONE! thing from this list, doesn't make them Otaku.

    @ James Shen: Plenty of People use anime shopping bags, A lot more people than you think wear anime shirts and there are tonnes of japanese guys with long hair.

    This is the list of JAPANESE otaku created by JAPANESE people responding to a JAPANESE survey. This may not be indicative of the society you live in.

    It's actually pretty accurate for Akihabara.

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