Texas Test-Market Opens For Rapture-Ready PC Games

Christian-themed PC games like Left Behind and the Charlie Church Mouse series are now available in - where else - Walmarts in - where else - Texas thanks to an agreement between the retailer and publisher Inspired Media Entertainment.

InspiredMedia d/b/a Left Behind Games Inc., worked out the pilot release of its titles in 100 Walmarts in the Houston and Dallas areas. The sales will test the games' viability in additional Walmart locations.

In a news release, Inspired Media sees Texas as fertile ground for its products, noting that the Lone Star State is home to more than 23,000 churches and an evangelical Protestant population of 5 million.

Inspired Media produced 2006's Left Behind: Eternal Forces, a real-time strategy game in which the player attempts to pray opposing forces into submission after all faithful souls leave the Earth during the Rapture, and the world reforms under a secularist order that loves, among other things, rock n' roll. It was followed by Left Behind: Tribulation Forces for PC in 2006 and 2007. Eternal Forces racked up a Metacritic score of 38.

Christian Games Hit Texas Wal-Marts [Game Politics]


    Well the setting is good, end of the world and all.
    What is the game-play and production values like??
    Will their be sodomy??

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