The Elder Scrolls In Convenient Novel Form

The land of Tamriel is terrorised by a floating city that first kills and then raises the dead in The Infernal City, the first of two Elder Scrolls novels by bestselling author Greg Keyes.

Greg Keyes is perhaps best known for his steampunk series The Age of Unreason, which features historical figures such as Benjamin Franklin and Isaac Newton, neither of which will be appearing in The Infernal City. The novel takes place four decades after Oblivion, telling the story of a group of unlikely heroes banding together to unravel the secret behind the floating city of Umbriel, which leaves undeath in its wake. It sounds like your standard fantasy romp, but Keyes does some pretty fabulous things when shaping characters, so we can probably expect a great deal of personality at the very least. All I know is it's about time we got some officially sanctioned Elder Scrolls fiction to tide us over between games.

The Infernal City is due out on November 24 from Del Rey, and can now be preordered at

Pre-Order The Infernal City [Bethesda Blog]


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