The First Four Letters Say It All

Dumbbells — 1kg dumbbells, to be exact. Your Wiimote is waiting to pump (clap) you up with this $US20 "peripheral" available from Everlast, said to be compatible with a slew of exergaming titles.

The listing says the weights don't interfere with the IR capability so, hell, why not hook it up to Dead Space: Extraction or Madworld for a real workout?

Wii Weights (2lb Dumbbells) [Everlast, thanks fusioncam]


    D U M B

    So true

    Geez Kotaku.

    I only saw these in stores 6 months ago. Don't be too up-to-date now.

      was just thinking the same thing. these are old news. get with the times guys!
      whats next? a review of "snake rattle 'n roll"?

    Umm... You mean the same Wii Dumbells that have been available in stores for about 2-3 months now, and were just as stupid of an idea at launch as they still are now? Slow news day, Kotaku?

    Hang on, the question remains...

    Is anyone actually buying this crap?? I mean all the accessories minus the nunchuk or the gun or whatever Nintendo call it are all crap. Yet the people that own Wii's are stupid enough to buy it all.

    Nintendo were probably too embarrassed to release a some statement about there latest piece of garbage, hence why Kotaku missed it.

    Holy crap, I've had weights strapped to my wiimotes for ages! Everyone called me crazy!

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