The Heaviest Portable This Generation Is...

Get out your scales, people!

Below is a list of the handhelds released this generation and their weights:

158g - PSPgo 189g - PSP-2000 189g - PSP-3000 214g - DSi 218g - DS Lite 275g - Nintendo DS 280g - PSP-1000 314g - DSi LL

When Nintendo dubbed the new DSi, it wasn't kidding! In Japanese clothing sizes, "LL" is extra large.



    Okay so is the DSi LL gonna be called DSi XL here in Aus or over in Europe and US? Would make sense right...

    Anyway - i'm shocked that all but the original PSP are lighter than all DS' - especially the first DS. I can't actually remember what its like to hold a DS - but i thought it was just cheap plastic. It still is but wow.

    PSP is fancy plastic though! ALL good there.

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