The Most Handsome Game Company Exec In Japan?

Maaaaybe! Here at Kotaku, we often feature photos of really attractive females and really normal-looking dudes. That's not fair, and by golly, we're doing our best to be fair.

For anyone with eyeballs, your average Japanese game company exec isn't exactly a dreamboat. That's okay, because it's not their job to be dreamboats.

Chiyomaru Shikura, the Executive Director of Tokyo's mixed media company 5pb., hardly looks like your typical Japanese corporate board member.

That's because he's hardly typical. In the music industry, the 39-year-old is best known for as a musician and song writer, penning all sorts of anime themes. Around the office, he's known as a hottie.

Too bad 5pb. released all those buggy Cave shooter ports, but at least their Executive Director has fantastic hair!

「株式会社5pb.」代表取締役 志倉千代丸氏が39歳にも関わらずイケメンらしいです [オレ的ゲーム速報@刃]


    Its always the hair, I swear I've never seen a handsome Japanese man with a humble natural look.

    Or better yet, a shaved head.

    Why is he posing like that?

      It is the "Check how better looking I am to you" pose or use any Zoolander references as you so please

    The japanese people are inherently unnatractive, well at least the men.

    The girls though... damn you see them and you think, niceee i like this its good but THEN, they smile and you see the trademark japanese crooked teeth (its not racist its true, they have fgucked up teeth).

      So that's why he's got his mouth closed in both shots.

      I don't think they're inherently unattractive, but I do find it funny that they don't like their own skin tone, opting to use products to whiten their skin, and to make their anime characters fully European looking.

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