The Next Modern Warfare Trailer Will Be Televised

Activision is kicking off a multi-million dollar advertising campaign for Modern Warfare 2 with a new trailer, airing during this week's instalment of NBC's Sunday Night Football.

Interrupting a football game between the San Diego Chargers and Pittsburgh Steelers is enough reason to cause some sports fans to want to shoot someone, so slipping the new Modern Warfare 2 trailer in between plays is nothing short of marketing genius. Expensive marketing genius as that, as advertising during Sunday Night Football tends to run on the costlier side of the spectrum.

The new trailer, featuring in-game footage mixed with whatever that is in the image up there, should be dropping sometime after the show starts at 8pm Eastern. Don't worry — if you miss it, we should have it up shortly thereafter.

New 'Modern Warfare 2' trailer to kick off on 'NBC's Sunday Night Football' [USA Today]


    Coincidence or does the Pittsburgh Steelers have ties with the setting of Pittsburgh in one of the locations?

    Yeah...cause they really need to raise public awareness of this little known title!

    Can't wait for this one

    I feel bad for the games industry, suffering so much from piracy and all, not being able to spend millions of dollars on an advertising campaign. Wait what?

    And yet we all know from watching gameplay videos that characters look nothing like the above!

    Big step down i say from COD4.

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