The Official Energy Drink Of Modern Warfare 2

Activision teams up with Monster Energy next month for special Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2-branded packages, with the chance to win free stuff packed right in.

What kind of free stuff? the Monster Modern Warfare 2 Giveaway will be handing out 1000 copies of the Modern Warfare 2 Hardened Edition; 5000 map pack codes for a pack planned for a spring 2010 release; 10,000 Modern Warfare 2 premium themes for the Xbox 360 or PS3; and free cans of Monster Energy, of course. Each package comes with a code on the inside that can be redeemed at a special Modern Warfare 2 section of the Monster website, once it goes live.

The codes can be found in specially marked Monster Energy 4-packs. 6-packs will also be available exclusively through Sam's Club, each of those granting access to the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Combat Training Experience, an exclusive online event being hosted by Infinity Ward this November.

While I'm all for complicated marketing relationships and the chance to win free stuff, I have to question Activision's choice to send out a free 4-pack of energy drink to the Kotaku writer least likely to ever drink an energy drink again.


    anyone know what they taste like? any good?
    also are they gonna be sold in australia?

      Well, the existing flavours of this drink taste pretty bad, so I'm not sure it'd be worth it...

    We already have monster energy drinks.

    They taste something like Mother, but with a little bit more juice in them (literally, like, fruit juice - not slang for anything).

    I didnt, however, know we had 4-packs.

    However, Mother > Monster.

    Red Bull > Any other energy drink

    And Bobby Kotick loves to milk his popular franchises doesn't he, I hate that man a stupid amount, and the picture that Kotaku use of him makes me more angry

    Yawn.. Halo did it.

    Hey! South Park, theres an idea for a new episode!

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