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I thought we were into the big holiday season. A time where amazing games were released every week. It seems I was mistaken.

I honestly wouldn't buy anything this week. Well, maybe Drawn To Life on Wii. Maybe.

And maybe one of the two basketball games. I'm sure they're good, solid purchases for fans of the sport. But I'm not one of them.

Elsewhere, it all looks distinctly mediocre.

New releases for the w/c October 5:

Drawn To Life: The Next Chapter (Wii, DS) What Is It? Platformer where the player customises the world by drawing the main character, enemies, weapons and other level objects. Should You Care? Not the best platformer, but the design elements add much charm and the potential for vast silliness.

The Legendary Starfy (DS) What Is It? Veteran 2D platforming hero finally sees a release outside of Japan in this cute, vibrant and uncomplicated adventure. Should You Care? Never in Mario's league, but Starfy is a good fit for the younger gamer.

MySims Agents (Wii, DS) What Is It? It may carry the Sims brand, but this is a kids adventure game crammed with puzzles and minigames. Should You Care? Another one to consider picking up for the kids.

NBA 2K10 (360, PS3, PS2, PSP, Wii, PC) What Is It? Seemingly a random collection of numbers and capitalised letters. Should You Care? Oh, it's a basketball game.

NBA Live 10 (360, PS3) What Is It? Another basketball game. Should You Care? I have no idea which one is superior.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 (PS3) What Is It? PS3 remix of the former 360 exclusive slash 'em up. Should You Care? For fans of hardcore action games only.

Scooby-Doo! First Frights (PS2, Wii, DS) What Is It? Yep, they're still making games based on ancient cartoons. Should You Care? Not exactly what I'd get for a Kotaku reader.

Spore Hero (Wii) What Is It? Spore spin-off that removes much of the PC game's strategic bent. Should You Care? And replaces it with a passable action-adventure.

Spore Hero Arena (DS) What Is It? Spore spin-off that removes much of the PC game's strategic bent. Should You Care? And replaces it with a half-hearted Pokemon clone.

Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes (360, PS3, PSP, Wii, DS, PC) What Is It? Follow-up to last year's very average Jedi duelling brawler. Should You Care? I've yet to play it, but I suspect it remains very average.


    Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes (360, PS3, PSP, Wii, DS, PC) - The demo didn't inspire "omg wtf awesome must buy!" feelings, but was still solid fun. The promise of 2 player co-op is a redeeming feature though (if it works that is).

    the 2k series of NBA games is actually pretty damn good, even if you're not a fan of the sport it makes for some good tense 2p action

    For those mere mortals among us who weren't sent advance copies of the games, next week the goodness begins! Until then The Sims: Agents should tide us all over

    You wouldn't buy NG Sigma 2? and NBA Live 10 ?
    That's a huge week right there! Quit your whinging - I'll be slashing limbs of ninja and dunking on Yao Ming this weekend

      Replace NBA Live 10 with 2K10 and I totally agree...

      Sorry but NBA Live hasn't been any good since the 2K series launched on the Dreamcast. If you don't believe me check the review scores for the past 10 years and you will see NBA 2K comes up trumps every time.

      That being said, I really hope NBA Live 10 changes things and becomes competitive with the 2K series. Would be nice to see the attention to detail and fluidity of Fifa adapted to an NBA title.

        Well looks like my wish may have come true!. I was just over at IGN and they gave NBA Live 10 8.2. Hopefully this might be the beginning of a new era for the NBA Live series.

    I thought Rune Factory Frontier was supposed to (FINALLY) come out this week. :(

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