There's No Stopping The Zombie Genre

I suppose you could say "Zombie Driver" was Morgan Freeman's job description when he shuttled around the decaying Miss Daisy in 1989. Here, Exor Studios interprets it as an unstoppable sedan packed with firearms mowing down the leprous undead.

I dunno. Looks about as mindless as your opposition. Then again, that can be fun, too—I'm just wondering how a car ends up overpowered by the horde—putrescent flesh chunks clog up the grille and you overheat? The old femur-in-the-tailpipe joke?

Then again, if I had a functioning, fast car in a town overtaken by a zombie horde, I think I'd probably drive it to safety. Francis, Bill, Louis and Zoey would, too.

The title is for PC and will be coming next month via digital distribution. Here's a video:

Zombie Driver "Announced"


    Looks like a cross between Death Rally (an old DOS game) and Carmageddon 2 (another old DOS game, but not quite as old), except without the racing elements and competition... One would hope it offers something else though, because as Owen pointed out there, it does indeed look mindless.

    Better be a damn cheap game, because I wouldnt expect to be playing it for more than a few minutes.

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