There's Someone At The Door ...

Today, certain people—we're trying to figure out why—were delivered telegrams by an old-school bicycle messenger. The cable comes from "Mark G Meltzer", the loner searching for "something in the sea", on BioShock 2's hype Web site.

That telegram above was sent to reader Andrew B., and also to three friends who comprise the Network 23 blog. If you can't read that, the text says:



Now, here's where the mystery begins. Why them, exactly? I spoke to Network 23's Colt Gauvreau, who said it may have something to do with the Rapture Record that all of them figured out how to order from the BioShock 2 hype site (and which Totilo received back in July.) Long story short, the Network 23 guys deduced that the site was strongly hinting that they should write to a PO Box — the same shown on this letter. That letter also wink-nudge asked people to submit pictures of the beach events. So it appears the records and/or the telegrams are premiums for accomplishing one, the other, or both.

A wife of one of Network 23's guys managed to snap a picture of the delivery boy:

After verifying the recipient's name and delivering the telegram, the messenger "jumped on his Pee Wee Herman-looking bike and rode away."

What does all this mean? What package may they expect to receive? Do we all get one if we hurriedly write a pretty-please to that PO Box?

Bioshock 2 Telegram [Network 23]


    Bioshock was my all time fav game to play and own (my big daddy staring at me...). It is the type of game that every other game should aspire to be. Bioshock 2 im sure will be a masterpiece. Just bring it on already! Oh and just a shout out to 2k games and 2k Marin I will be willing to buy anything bioshock related, even if that means the collectors edition is million bucks, i'd just start selling body organs, or someone else's organs when i run out!

    Ha jokes...but seriously i would :P

    This is awesome, he's even dressed the part of someone from Rapture. Like the beach event, some people might view this as PR tomfoolery, but for guys like me who really enjoyed the game, I see it as bringing the game to life.

    I have no idea what it means, but to me the delivery man looks rather like Matt Provencal from Stupid Mario Bros XD

    I was disappointed with much of Bioshock. It was basically System Shock 2 with all of the good parts taken out and replaced with Ayn Rand. Oh, and it had pretty graphics.

    I'm really hoping the second one amounts to more than the extremely good/extremely bad choice and unlimited ammo/health.

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