There's Something In The Box ...

And now the thrilling conclusion to yesterday's BioShock 2 telegram mystery. The folks who got a cable yesterday were paid a visit today by the Speedy Brothers delivery boy again, this time bearing a mysterious package.

We've gotten tips from a reader as well as Network 23, so far the only ones to post a picture of their delivery boy. All scenarios played out this way: Speedy Brothers showed up, asked the recipient to sign for a package, and then left behind a box wrapped in brown paper and string.

What was inside the box? A splicer mask.

The masks appear to vary. Reader Kevin L. received that one above. Network 23's (below) looks like a standard thuggish splicer mask.

The mask was accompanied by this letter:

Dear Friend:

Phil Isidore (of N.U.F.O.S.) has vouched that you are a trustworthy individual. Please - closely guard the contents of this package. I have sent it direct via courier out of concern that gov't personnel or unknown individuals may attempt to intercept it.

As you may know, I have been investigating anomalous phenomena related to the disappearance of my daughter. In the past, you've provided information that has helped my research. Now I need your input in a matter of utmost urgency.

I discovered the enclosed item in basement workshop owned by Orrin Oscar Lutwidge. I am desperately trying to uncover more regarding it's origin, manufacture, etc. Please examine it and let me know what you make of it.

Any information could help me find my daughter.


Mark Meltzer

I think this concludes 2K Games' masterfully executed roleplay marketing. I have no idea how many of these were delivered - for such personal service, it can't be that many, but who knows? I'd love to know if anyone puts these items up on eBay anytime soon. There's no way I'd part with one, were it mine.

Bioshock 2 Telegram: Part Two [Network 23]


    With all this hype, i hope its a good game

    Quite creative what the guys at 2K have done. So many other companies try to be creative with their marketing campaign and it just turns out crap or just plain controversial.

    They realise that their game is coming out in February, right? Maybe they're working their PR around the original release date of October 30...

    Looks like a mask from the wicker man (2006 version).

    Great idea i think, i love these types of marketing campaigns they hook me everytime

    Finaly gt to play the origional on the weekend... and I really didn't think it was that great.

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