These Magnacarta 2 Screens Are Golden

Namco Bandai is pleased to announce that its Xbox 360 exclusive RPG Magnacarta 2 has achieved gold status, and celebrates with a slew of pretty new screenshots of pretty new people.

After a summer spent playing shooters, action adventures, RTS games, MMORPGs and portable RPG remakes, you cannot begin to even comprehend how hungry I am for a more-or-less traditional Japanese RPG. I crave random battles, and hit points, and people who are far too pretty to ever exist. Magnacarta 2 should fit the bill quite nicely. It should be in stores on October 13th, after which good luck dragging me out of my apartment for a good week.


    Magna Carta on the PS2, which this looks to be the sequel of sucked ass. It was over 50 hours of gameplay with horrid sound effects, RPG elements and the voice acting was like nails on a blackboard. You had to grind for hours to get to the point where you could defeat a boss but of course you didn't know that so when you got there you just died.

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