This God Of War III Box Art Is Not Final

It says so right on the recently released, still unofficially finalised box art, meaning your copy of God of War III could very well look different. Placeholder though it may be, it's both attractive and subtle.

Perhaps too subtle. Rarely do we see North American games veering from the standard box art path. But considering Sony's PlayStation 3 box art preference of focusing on the face—see Killzone 2 and Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack In Time—and the God of War III cover showing up on and Sony's retailer extranet, it could happen.

And if it does, just how far will Sony zoom in for future games? Will The Last Guardian just feature a giant retina?

How do you judge this cover, Kotaku readership?


    Fear the eye!!!!!!!!!!!

    I reckon it looks cool. Ultimate Warrior facepaint FTW!!!

    "Assume the controls, HULK HOGAN!!!!"

    Oh god please no.

    It looks really good - especially how blood-like the red looks on his face.

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