Today's Pumpkin Post Brought To You By Cuteness

A lot of cute pumpkins to post today. First up is the Ice Climbers, followed by Master Chief in green pumpkin form, Kingdom Hearts, Akuma, the Spy and a mystery game.

Master Chief is cute because it's carved from a green pumpkin. Akuma is cute because it's a dad's contribution to his family's pumpkin count, which is about to get bigger by one. And the Spy could potentially be cute, if you ever got that mask off him.

The "mystery game" is actually an iPhone game called Sneezies sent my way by an enterprising iPhone dev who apparently knows how to carve a pumpkin.

Mad pumpkin respect to Jacob Hemphill, Jordan Rubow, Jimmy LeBlanc, Easy Tiger, Joe V. and Gavin Bowman!


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