Toki The Simian Spit 'Em Up Platformer Getting Remake

Toki, the 1989 arcade platformer featuring a monkey with impressive spitting skills, is getting a high-definition remake for Xbox Live Arcade and PC via young French development studio Golgoth.

Confused? I know, the TAD Corporation's arcade work may not be on your list of classic games in need of an HD overhaul, but I vaguely remember Toki being a challenging bit of fun. And I certainly appreciate Gogolth Studio's mission "to keep 2D gaming alive within this 3D world", even if that game is Toki.

More information on the Toki HD revamp and side-by-side comparison shots of the game are available at the official Golgoth site.


    I never saw it in the arcades, but I certainly played the hell out of it on my Amiga. Good news for a great game!

    Love the art style, will probably pick it up for that alone.

    Man I loved this game.

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