Turbo: The Movie Is Better Than Most Street Fighter Movies

Jarrett Lee Conaway's slick looking short film about fighting games in the future and the attractive teenagers who play them, previously featured on Kotaku, is now live. Yours for the watching and, of course, buying!

The film's self described story line crafted "in the tradition of The Karate Kid and Tron" couldn't be more accurate. And the visuals couldn't be sharper, with lens flare and special effects to spare. It's an impressive effort, especially considering Turbo's tight budget. Plus, it's got the kid from Twilight who's not a vampire.

You can watch it here, or here, or grab the DVD, should you dig Turbo that much. Of course, if you don't dig it, you can give Conaway what-for in the comments. He's a Kotaku commenter too.

Turbo: the Move [Official Site]


    Looks sweet good job!!

    I actually really liked it, sure it had some corny bits but it was the best game related movie since the Wizard. =P

    Great job guys, many other big companies can learn from your movie.

    Looking forward to seeing what else you guys get up to.

    that is definitely better than any of the street fighter movies and he did this with only around 100k!! iv watched it twice now and it still amazing every time! well done!

    Can't jam a lot of story into 20mins, so it's bound to be a bit cliche and corny. Direction and visuals were awesome, and the acting was handled reasonably against the odds of the dialogue. Kicked arse over an episode of power rangers

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