UK Retailers Discounting The PSPgo

Sony's digital download-only PSPgo is, at its launch price, a hard sell for some portable gamers spoiled by the less expensive, UMD-playing PSP-3000. Some UK retailers are doing something about it, discounting the portable in its first week on sale.

According to a report from Eurogamer, at least four retailers in the region are asking less than the £224 suggested retail price. Amazon UK, HMV, Game and Play are playing with the PSPgo's built-in wiggle room pricing, asking £199 for the portable. Is that a reaction to slow sales?

Maybe yes, maybe no. Some of those retailers listed above were selling the PSPgo at £199 before the unit officially went on sale, so it doesn't appear that four days worth of slow movement initiated some sort of panic. According to official statements, the PSPgo is selling in line with expectations, according to a report from

That marked down price may be a reaction, however, to slower pre-orders of the unit. Before the PSPgo launched in Europe and other PAL territories, some retailers appeared hesitant to carry the platform at all.

PSPgo now available for under 200 quid News []


    Yeah its taken a hit in australia too, was initially meant to be $449 but Big W started stocking it at $398, so us at Game did too.
    $51 less after 2 days.

    Stores realise they are not going to get any on going sales beyond the hardware revenue, hence have switched to the low margin high sales routes.

    Make it cheap so you sell as many as you can, beyond that sale the horse has bolted.

    Remember, you don`t own "your" games, you can`t swap "your" games with friends and can`t resell "your" games.... but Sony will charge you the same price as a disc ...... ohhhh and don`t upset Sony, by writing something on a forum they don`t like, then they will just cancel your account and your won`t have any access to "your" games ...... just die Sony, just DIE .....

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