Uncover These Covered Bayonetta Ads

With the game days away from release in Japan, the SEGA Bayonetta marketing blitz continues. The latest are these two large posters in Shinjuku Station's with fliers than can be pulled off. What's underneath?

Dunno, but the fliers have access info for a special Bayonetta mobile phone site. The posters are over 1.8 metres long each and feature phrases like "If you didn't peel it off, it would have been a peaceful day" and "This women, she smells like taboo". The posters will be on display from October 26 to November 1.

Bayonetta is out in Japan on October 26. Wonder what's underneath the fliers...


    I'm sure what's underneath isn't what a number of those pulling the labels off or "watching from home" are hoping for.

    I bet its more pistols attached in more awkward locations!

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