Valve Ponies Up Cash For Oz Visit, Child's Play Gets Paid

Valve big cheese Gabe Newell is taking a trip down under to visit a lucky Left 4 Dead modder named Joe W-A, the enterprising fan who raised over $US3000 to get some face time with the man.

That you may already know. But Newell's not taking the ticket. Instead, Valve will be footing the bill for Gabe and Erik Johnson to travel to Australia, with the donations offered by the gaming community instead going to Penny Arcade's Child's Play charity. That's $US3121.27 in stuff for hospitalised kids! Who else feels warm and fuzzy?

Well, you shouldn't. Because there's no way that Gabe would be flying economy. And you can't book a business class flight on Qantas for under $US8,000. Oh alright, you can feel warm and fuzzy now. I'm just being cynical.

Wonder if Joe W-A should get his resume in order...


    Can we get some info on what 4 & 20 pie diet Gabe will be going on whilst in Australia?

    I imagine 10-15 pies for breakfast, followed by jugs of gravy. Each meal varying slightly in number of pies and beverage.

      A fat joke? Wow. That's clever. How come no one else thought of doing one of those? Wait...

      I don't know why but the "followed by jugs of gravy" had me in stitches. /Applause.

      Yeah that was my first thought Mikey. Valve are only paying because there is no way their execs are gonna fly economy.


    I hope Gabe can somehow make a positive apperance on the media in Australia somehow, about L4D2 and the R18+ rating.

      He'll need to fly to SA to talk to the AtGn but no one likes going to SA for any reason...

        SA is good for the BDO as you can take beers out of the stupid little tents with you and drink at everywhere.
        That's about it...

        Can you!?! Man I'm going to BDO Adelaide!

        On second thought...I'll just fill a sunscreen bottle with Johnnie.

        Um, you can do that in Sydney too...

    I'd like to have a beer with gaben.

    Pity he isn't coming to Brisbane anymore, slightly disappointed, oh well atleast this guy is getting to show his campaign, thats all it was about in the end, but Valve will most likely use their resources once they come here and attempt to get l4d2 unbanned, if it isn't already unbanned by then.

    Hope he does public appearances. I'd like to shake the man's hand.

    While he's here, he should kick up a stink about the R rating and Left 4 Dead 2. Hopefully he will, it just seems obvious.

      Just on the more important issue and slight chance that Joe reads this:

      Congratulations mate.

      Childsplay will put your money you've raised to great use. I'm glad you're getting your chance and I've seen personally first hand how Childs Play can make kids happier at the Mater Hospital Kids emergency department in Brisbane, where they purchased 4 x DS's and a whole bunch of games for the kids, I believe they even bought some Wii's for the Wards. So good work my man. It's people like you who should wake up every day feeling good about themselves and knowing you've helped make someones day that little bit happier. Kudos my man. I'll think of you if I'm ever up that way again.

    Good on Valve, that's the type of news I'm happy to hear. If only other game developers/publishers would conduct themselves accordingly!

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