War Doesn't Decide Who's Right, Only Who Gets +5 XP

Two new gameplay trailers give you a good idea of the Massive Action offered by Sony's MAG, but they raise one question: Are sniper hits not one-shot kills? Check video #1, that guy pumps about six rounds in his target.


    I'm in the current beta, and I can tell you that there are one hit kill snipers; even if it isn't a head shot.

    I've been killed numerous times by pesky snipers.

    I think the reason that last kill in the first video took so long was because it was through a fence, that's what it looked like. The sniper only hit the guy two or three times anyway.

    Well think about this:

    If your Mp5, M4, AK blah blah etc take several shots to kill someone, why does the sniper need one shot one kill?

      Because sniper bullets are huge, and it's a shot to the head!

      *Thumbs Up*

      Because rounds from a sniper rifle should do more damage than rounds from a MP5, M4 etc. Larger rounds = more damage.

        also higher velocity. bullet moves faster, hurts more.

    is this game good fun? so many purchases coming this month, its gonna hit my wallet hard.

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