Watch The Opening Of Modern Warfare 2

In case you failed to read the headline, Spoiler Warning! This is the opening of Modern Warfare 2 and it's so spoilerific, it's been yanked from YouTube.

Enjoy, despite the somewhat lousy quality!

Modern Warfare 2 Airport [LiveLeak]


    Wow, that's kinda like left 4 dead, where you kill the zombies as they attack you, just replace "attack you" with "run away from you" and "zombies" with "civilians". Kinda gruesome really.

    Hell yeah!

    Ya get to be baddies at the start.

    not in english, and the noob chose the novice option..

    okay now its definately going to be banned in aus

      Well Mambodog i doubt it will be banned in aus because infinitys ward probaly isnt goin to sumbit it to the review board again so yeah and its not that violent its an opening of a game nothing else but i see tyour point your worried that you,ve paid all your money on MW2 and you,re not goin to get it that what i thought when i saw this but yeah hope that helps

      GT: II Fallen Hero send me a message on Xbox Live if you have it

    this video's been removed also...
    is there another link?

    try here guys

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