Watch The Resident Evil 5 Alternative Edition Trailer

With Resident Evil 5: Alternative Edition, Capcom is bringing RE5 to the PS3 with new content and PS3 Wand controls. The game is also coming to the Xbox 360 as a "director's cut" — minus said PS3 wand controls.

Starring Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield, the new mission is another 2 hours of content and takes place three years before the main plot line of Resident Evil 5.

The updated version of RE5 will be released next spring in Japan.


    Why not release it as DLC?

    Super SFIV and now this. Thanks Capcom for making me angry on my first day of holidays! The lack of DLC for these updates is ridiculous.

    Now look for those bargin bins and trade in shelves to be filled with old copies of these games when they release.

      I hear you. I just bought RE5 and SF4 and they're BOTH getting bigger and better versions.

      THIS is why I don't buy games until they've been on the shelf for the better part of a year.

    Because capcom are jerks. This crap and Super Street Fighter 4 in the same week, both of these could have been done as DLC in fact they are perfect candidates for it, Fallout can add new campaigns and expansions but capcom cant to their games? As far as Sf4 is concerned i dont care what Ono, i call bullshit on his claims of the game being changed to much to be a patch.

    capcom have really started to get on my tits recently,charging us to unlock multiplayer in resi 5 which was shit by the way.then making us pay to unlock sf 4 costumes that are already on the resi 5 again for a couple of extra hours?kiss my ass,ive already bought the limited edition of this game.this is dlc at best.

    Really Capcom, REALLY?

    Yeah that's what i thought was originally happening...for the 360 anyway. Hopefully they do dlc for those that already own the game, then again Super Street Fighter 4 is ringing in my head. Grrr Capcom.

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