Welcome To Halo Waypoint

Microsoft has released a new trailer and screenshots showcasing the Career Mode of Halo Waypoint, Xbox Live's destination for everything Halo related, launching on November 5th for Xbox Live Gold and Silver subscribers.

Yes, Xbox Live Silver subscribers will have access to Halo Waypoint, but only for a limited time. From the November 5th launch until November 26th, Halo Waypoint will be available to everyone with an Xbox 360, switching to a Gold exclusive feature after that. It makes sense, seeing as so much of Waypoint's functionality is tied to your online performance, which requires a Gold membership in the first place.

It looks like the Career Mode will have plenty of ways for the ultra-competitive Halo player to show off, essentially adding achievements on top of achievements, only these only matter to the Halo community, and the rest of us can play Hexic in peace. Lovely!


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