What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Blimey, there's a lot of video games to play right now.

I've got Brutal Legend and Uncharted 2 here. I've still got to get around to finishing Batman. I'm hoping to get in a session of ODST's Firefight mode. And, regular readers will know, I'm still playing Fallout 3.

But this weekend I'm also cracking open FIFA 10. Specifically the Be A Pro mode to see how long it takes to work my way up from the reserves of some useless lower league side all the way to winning the Premier League. I did this in FIFA 09 and found it all a bit too easy. Here's hoping 10 provides a sterner and lengthier challenge.

What are you playing this weekend?


    Problem with Be A Pro in FIFA 09 was that it didn't last for enough seasons, so it couldn't be too hard otherwise you might not make it to the top leagues.

    More Fallout 3 here and hopefully get Shadow Complex finished off as well. Oh, also trying to resist grabbing the Brutal Legend demo off XBL (and thus blowing my quota for the rest of the month).

    Finally got a round to getting ArmA 2.
    So I'll play that while alternating with a little of Aion.

    Going to try and finish off games I've had for ages but never finished. Which includes Dead Space and Far Cry 2.

    I'm going to do that for the whole 20mins it'll take me before getting bored again and going back to scribblenauts >_>

    Man I wish I had that many games, but I'll probably just sit down and play firefight with some friends!

    This weekend is all about the Co-Op. Played Heavy Weapon, TMNT: Turtles in Time Re-Shelled and Ghostbusters last night. Plan to get some more time in with them over the long weekend.

    Meh, might pick up Halo 3 ODST or Batman or Peggle Nights or COD4 or COD5 or something.

    Yeah so many games at the moment. I picked up my psp go on thurs and downloaded motorstorm and got my codes for 3 free psp games and gran turismo so when I finally get home from work I'll be downloading all those.

    Oh and scribblenauts and a bit of guitar hero 5 no doubt.

    Still playing Hatsune Miku: Project Diva (so no PSPgo for me). Gotta finish off FEAR2 bought from Steam's sale, and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 has sat unplayed for over a week now...

      Finished FEAR2, I really enjoyed it. Which annoys me a bit, because I thought the demo was craptacular- now I understand why. It was a mish-mash of like 5 different levels trying to show off the games' various "oooh and ahhh" bits. If they'd just made it like FEAR1's demo (the first half hour or so of the game, slowly building up the tension), I would've been sold on the spot. Bah! At least I got it cheap as chips during the Steam sale...

      I'll play the DLC campaign tomorrow.

    I'm gonna play a game aswell

    I'll be playing me some DiRT 2. Picked it up yesterday and fell in love with it.

    Some more Wipeout HD, and to try and reduce my backlog, MGS3. Probably Resident Evil 1 as well, I'm playing it through for the first time and am having a really good (albeit frustrating) time

    well looks like Fallout 3 (4 more bobble heads then i'm done till i buy the GOTY edition) and Trials HD (damn last acheviement)

    i miss having a gaming PC

    Scribblenauts (just picked it up)
    Diablo 2 (just bought the battlechest)
    And some Shadow Hearts: Covenant

    Strange mix huh...

    Once the heat dies down enough that going into my bedroom is bearable, I have my brother's copies of Mirror's Edge and Uncharted (the first one) to finally play through but until then: Scribblenauts on the DS and Audiosurf on the laptop downstairs in the breeze.

    Then tonight, hopefully we can get a few of us together and a stable enough internet connection to hit par on a few more Firefight levels.

    Oh yeah, and I have finally found an FF9 rom on ePSXe after losing my copy years ago..so gotta fit that in there too. Sigh, weekends are too short.

      good thing its a long weekend then

    I just finished playing Space Siege and I totally enjoyed it and this has put me in the mood for some more. So I am playing Dungeon Siege through again and if i get time I might finally start Dungeon Siege II.

    Meanwhile I will wait for the posty to arrive with my Dawn of War II. But that's probably next weekends game if I don't finish it before then.

    Mario & Luigi RPG 3 YAYYYYYYYYYYYY!

    Until I get FIFA 10 in about a week and a bit, I shall be playing Guitar Hero: World Tour...and maybe Fight Night: Round 4 :)

    Pulled out Okami from my PS2 collection during the week and wondered why I stopped playing it in the first place (actually I remember: unskippable walls of text).
    Happily enjoying it's visual scruptiousness and will be my long weekend title.

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