What Are You Playing This Weekend?

It's been a stellar year for downloadable titles, particularly on Xbox Live Arcade. This week saw the release of Lucidity, the dreamlike puzzle/platformer from LucasArts.

Perhaps like me, you had lost all faith in LucasArts making another good game. And while I can't as yet vouch for the quality of Lucidity, at least it looks interesting and different. With its delicate, almost ethereal visuals and gameplay mechanics reminiscent of Lemmings (or perhaps even Sleepwalker, if you remember that), it's far more appealing to my sensibilities than other recent Lucas releases like, say, Fracture or yet another Star Wars game.

Anyone checked it out yet? And what else will you be playing this weekend?


    Uncharted 2 MP, Killzone 2 (finishing off DLC trophies), Batman: AA.

    I got it as soon as it went up and had a lot of fun with it. While some people will just whiz past it, i took my time and collected as many fireflys along the way.It's a short game but it is more then worth the 800 MS points it is asking for. Also - i really enjoy the music and art style.

    I'll be playing a bit of Tales of Vesperia. Need something to fill the time before Borderlands comes out!

    A bit of Fallout 3 (I've just started the Point Lookou add-on); RE5 on PC; and Dissidia (I got Squall to lvl 100, but he's never happy:)

    The majority of my time will be spent playing Sacred 2, but I'm thinking about downloading Trine off of the PSN and playing that for a bit

    I need to finish Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 off, so I can start on Fable 2 GOTY. Funny how I could NEVER find a copy of Fable 2 in the shops, yet as soon as GOTY comes out, suddenly all the shops have the REGULAR edition stocked up, with no GOTY in sight... found it hiding in the back of a stack of games at Big W so snapped it up.

    Still working my way through Hatsune Miku: Project Diva, 40% of costumes unlocked, so much more I need to do!

    FIFA 10: Be a Pro

    I finally got GT:PSP so I'll be sinking a lot of time into that. I'm also playing FFVII again on PSP and playing through Uncharted:DF in anticipation of Uncharted 2

    Bionic Commando Rearmed challeng rooms.. im upto 51, theyre damn near impossible!!

    Mainly Shin Megami Tensei: Persona PSP, possibly getting distracted by Bowser's Inside Story when the grinding gets too annoying.

    Still going through Shadow Hearts: Covenant

    ~40hrs into it at and I still don't see a clear ending coming up any time soon...

    It's long but its GOOD!

    Uncharted 2 : MP BETA, CoD 4 (PC) and FIFA 10 (PS3)

    So unbelievably addictive.
    I love this game. xD

    Ill be playing Halo ODST, yea its only ok.
    Motorstorm Pacific Rift, because i need to play more of that awsome game.
    Brutal Legend Demo and trying to deside if im going to buy it, come on Uncharted 2 comes out the same day!

    i tried playing NBA2K10 but its a broken mess of a game. extremely disappointing seeing as all the iterations before it have been great. I'll at least have something to trade in for Uncharted 2.

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